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Spotlight On | Paris Georgia

Bride wearing white silk wedding dress by Paris Georgia’s new collection with sheer, long gloves.

If you are a regular reader you will have already noticed Paris Georgia's name pop up on our blog, most recently here. This NZ label is definitely one to watch for bridal (and otherwise!) and is incredibly anti-bride friendly.

Paris Georgia recently revealed their new bridal collection at NZ Fashion Week. The collection is made to order and can also be purchased online. If you aren't from Auckland where Paris Georgia are based, you are able to have a sample gown shipped to you to try on, before committing to a purchase online. (How brilliant and practical is that!)

Comprising of sophisticated, yet mostly minimalist pieces, Paris Georgia is certainly a must for the bride who doesn't want to look traditionally bridal. With tops starting from around A$1100 and gowns mostly in the A$3000-6000 bracket, they offer a range of options for those shopping in that price range.

With delivery time of 12-16 weeks, Paris Georgia is also a great option for brides who do not want the restraint of having to lock in an outfit 6-12 months before their wedding day.

For more details get in touch with the Paris Georgia team via their website.


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