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DESIGNER | Martha Suárez

Martha Suárez Bridal was created for the bride who doesn’t want to look like a bride. Feminine, chic, and relevant, the Martha Suárez collection draws inspiration from both vintage elements and future concepts. Made in New York using prints, unique silhouettes and innovative textiles – tied together by couture techniques and timeless quality.

Tell us about your business!

At Martha Suárez Bridal, we embrace the modern spirit, redefining what it means to dress 'appropriately' on the big day. Our brand image is inspired by the belief that every bride deserves to feel confident effortlessly beautiful and truly unique on their wedding day. Martha Suárez, a NYC-based fashion designer, knows first hand the desire for something different, something beyond the traditional 'princess bride' stereotype. Drawing from her personal experience as a second-time bride, she envisioned a wedding dress that would break free from conventions and become a staple in a woman's everyday wardrobe. And so, Martha Suárez Bridal was born.

Our approach to wedding dresses defies the norms, embracing the unconventional and empowering every bride, whether she is walking down the aisle for the first or second time. We believe in individuality, enabling our modern brides to express their unique style on their special day. But our commitment doesn't end there. We go beyond traditional expectations, giving brides the opportunity to wear their stunning piece again at later occasions, allowing it to become a cherished part of their wardrobe.

Martha effortlessly blends feminine and masculine elements, creating designs that capture the essence of timeless elegance with a modern twist. Each garment is sustainably hand-made with meticulous attention to detail, using 100% eco-friendly materials from start to finish. We take pride in our sustainable practices, ensuring that our dresses not only make brides feel beautiful but also contribute to a greener future.

What would you like couples to know about your business?

We're not just another bridal brand; we're trailblazers redefining the world of bridal. We offer an exciting alternative for brides who cherish tradition but are not traditional. We blend fashion, style, innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Whether our bride selects from our collection or goes for a custom design, we stay true to our core values, crafting designs that are one-of-a-kind, utterly gorgeous, deeply personal, and unmistakably aligned with our brands distinctive aesthetic. With us, you can always anticipate something wonderfully unique and refreshingly different.

Where are your boutiques based?

Our studio is in NYC’s Garment District, The English Dept in Portland, OG and coming soon to other boutiques.

Tell us about your Claire de Lune!

Our latest collection Claire de Lune (Moonlight) – was inspired by the many nights spent with my husband over the moonlight sharing my hopes and dreams for this collection and our growing brand. Clair de Lune, truly sparked our creative fire for several compelling reasons. We delved deep into the realm of textures, weaving together designs and details that radiate femininity with a dash of menswear-inspired flair. Be ready to feast your eyes on straps adorned with elegant gold hardware, subtle nods to menswear vests and collars, and the innovative introduction of quilting and wool, materials not typically seen in bridal wear.

But here's the real game-changer in this collection, the one that makes us unique in the industry: We're pioneering the art of natural hand-dyeing with the use of vegetables, fruits and flowers. We take immense pride in leading the way and being the first to offer this. Our Cleo separate showcases a stunning shade of Lilac Moon achieved by dyeing our silk with red cabbage. Get ready for a collection that's not just fashion; it's a revolution!

How would you describe Martha Suárez' style?

With effortless elegance, our designs embody the very essence of the modern unconventional bride. We blend the best of both feminine and masculine elements, as well as drawing inspiration from vintage aesthetics, we craft designs that resonate with a timeless sense of minimalism and sustainability.

Tell us about your favourite design!

Choosing just one proves to be quite the challenge, as each gown holds its own unique charm and story. The straps of our Vivienne Gown have stolen our hearts, while the Marie Gown's special pockets and captivating cape/hood detail bring a truly distinctive touch. There is something truly magical about the pleating process we undertook for the Charlotte Gown, working closely with our skilled pleaters to achieve a bespoke, organic Fortuny-like pleat pattern.

Our Juliette Gown is a beautiful tapestry of mixed fabrics, blending satin silk wool, matte crepe wool, and a silk organza flower adorned with arabesque pearls - an homage to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. The seemingly simple Cleo two-piece look, with its quilted and hand-dyed fabric, has a story of its own - a labor of love that unfolded through a meticulous process. Finally, the Lea Gown, with its hammered silk satin and lapel collar, paired effortlessly with the Valentin Blouse, for a polished unique look. Each gown, in its own way, is a chapter in our journey of creativity and craftsmanship.

Where are your gowns pieces made?

All our gowns are made in our studio in NYC’s Garment District.

What is a favourite product or service that you offer and why?

We love giving our brides the chance to customize, mix and match different pieces from current or previous collections. Additionally, our newest service of custom natural hand-dyeing, is something we are super excited about. You can choose to have it done before or after the big day! What makes it extra special is that we're the only ones offering this. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability. Best of all, it lets our brides keep, re-wear, and re-style their wedding look again.

What inspires nspired Claire de Lune?

For this collection I drew inspiration from fabrics, textures, menswear garments and married these concepts together. I focused on creating a collection with great craftsmanship and wedding looks that highlight unique features.

Who is your dream client?

Our dream client is someone in search of a truly distinctive and remarkable experience, an eco- conscious bride who actively supports sustainable businesses. They simply understand and appreciate the art and creativity behind finding the one.

What is your advice to couples getting married?

Embrace the journey with an open mind and let your unique self-expression and style take the lead. It's perfectly okay to shatter those glass ceilings on your special day. Don't allow external influences to cloud your vision; this day is all about you!


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