Bridal Designers You Need To Know.

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Bride wearing white silk wedding suit by Paris Georgia’s new collection.

Finding a wedding outfit can be tricky and navigating the bridal world can be challenging - especially if you don't consider yourself to be a very 'bridey' bride. There are so many different options, and something to always come back to is what actually feels most like you? Forget what is trending, what you feel you should be doing and genuinely decide on something that best reflects your own individual style.

So with that in mind we have narrowed down just a few of our favourite designers for anti-bride friendly made-to-order or off the rack options, that cater to a range of budgets.

Paris Georgia

Perhaps not a label that is typically associated with bridal, Paris Georgia has some incredible options for anti-brides (one of them is shown above.) With a clear understanding that bridal doesn't always need to be ornate and fussy, Paris Georgia infuses their signature effortless chic design ethos into her bridal range. Definitely a great pick for a bride who wants to make her own trends.

Dan Jones

Dan Jones has a background in fashion, rather than bridal fashion and this translates heavily in his designs. He steers away from traditionally bridal designs and combines beautiful, luxurious fabrics with great craftsmanship. His designs are feminine, stunning and contemporary. His pieces are for modern brides and his garments range between about $3500 - $6000.

Prea James

Prea designs for women's bodies and really understands curves. Many of her designs are bra friendly (or can be made as such) and she uses the most stunning silks. Her pieces are modern and elegant - but never conservative. Her designs are a great option for the minimal bride and range from about $3500 - $6000.

Danielle Frankel

Danielle Frankel is definitely a great match for an anti-bride. Comprising of separates including a range of pants, jumpers, blazer dresses etc, the designs are stunning and challenge the traditional view of bridal fashion. Danielle Frankel is currently not available to purchase locally, but can be ordered online. Pieces range from around $3500 - $10'000.

Lein Studio

Another designer from New York who is challenging the perception of what bridal is, is Lein. With a focus on understated and effortlessly cool pieces, Lein even has a boilersuit and mini-dresses in the mix. If you're planning a trip to New York, definitely stop past this anti-bride haven on the way through. Pieces range from about $2500 - $8000.

Toni Maticevski

Minimal and structured, Maticevski's designs are feminine but not fussy. They are instantly recognisable and are perfect for the bride who still loves the idea of a white dress, but doesn't want to look like a princess. Prices range from around $2500 - $8000.

Helen English

The woman behind my long sleeved gown, Helen is best known for her luxurious slip dresses. However, if you are looking for a custom piece she is definitely worth seeing also. She loves working with brides who want something modern and contemporary and her craftsmanship is extraordinary.

Karen Walker

With this debut collection, Karen Walker speaks to the low-key bride. With plenty of mini-dress options that are reasonably priced, I wish she was around a few months ago when I was desperately searching for a blazer dress! Her range starts at $450 up to around $3800.

Mariam Seddiq

Mariam has also recently launched her debut bridal collection. Perfect for the maximalist anti-bride, Seddiq's designs are structured, bold and fearless. Available made-to-order, get in touch via email to secure a fitting.