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PHOTOGRAPHERS | Pinewood Weddings

Shooting weddings from Mexico through to Côte d'Azur and Morocco as Pinewood Weddings, Eni and Levi are an international wedding photography and film duo with a desire to capture memories that last forever. Their style remains effortless and sophisticated and they take on a limited number of weddings yearly, enabling them to capture weddings in an exclusive manner, with a focus on quality. Pinewood Weddings are based in Budapest, Hungary and travel worldwide.

Tell us about your business!

We are a wedding photography and cinematography duo with a desire to capture memories that last forever. After ten years of shooting weddings internationally in France, Italy, Mexico, the UK, Morocco, Dominican Republic and USA as Pinewood Weddings, we are a refined brand for high-end international clients.

What would you like couples to know about Pinewood Weddings?

We both studied Arts + Photography at University, and our visual foundation is based on a classic approach to composition and lighting. Over the years we have become fashion driven, with an editorial style that is strongly affected by the venue, environment and people. Being attracted to Mediterranean and seaside destinations, we are casual and carefree in style. We shoot a limited number of weddings in a manner that both emphasizes quality and uniqueness, in a style that will remain timeless. Apart from weddings, we often take on commissioned works for five-star hotels and Michelin stars restaurants, such as The Four Seasons Budapest, Krug Champagne, or the Unbound Collection by Hyatt.

Our faith in weddings lies in our own marriage. We are parents to a 4 years old girl called Roza, who often follows us on our journey.

Where are you based?

We are based in Budapest, Hungary, although we rarely shoot weddings here. We travel abroad for most of our assignments.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes. Mostly to France, Italy, and Mexico however, we are open to exploring new backdrops for beautiful weddings!

How would you describe your style?

Effortless and sophisticated. Our style is strongly inspired by the environment, and influenced by the Mediterranean lifestyle.

What is your most memorable career moment?

We cannot pick one from many however, a good measure is when we have shed a few tears behind our cameras. It happens when the ceremony and the speeches are strongly personal.

What inspires you?

Being involved in a couple’s most intimate moments shows us what is the most important in life!

What motivates you to do what you do?

Wedding styles and photography approaches are ever evolving subjects that keeps us motivated!

How would you describe your working style?

We have a low-profile presence, and love capturing weddings from a guest's perspective.

Do you shoot digitally, on film or both?

Mainly digital, but as our photography career started with film cameras, we often shoot film alongside digital.

Do you have custom packages according to individual needs?

We provide a comprehensive brochure depicting our vision and budget requirement for different sized weddings and events. However, we are happy to make accomodations according to specific requirements.

What is a favourite product or service that you offer and why?

Our favourite product is when photography and cinematography are chosen alongside each other, so that both the images and film offer a similar vision and approach!

Where would you love to travel to for work?

Shooting weddings alongside the Mediterranean sea is incredible, although there are places on the bucket list, like New Zealand and Australia!

Who is your dream client?

Our dream client is curious about finding out how we capture their vision for their wedding. They are deeply in love, lovers of the arts, culture and travel, and have a clear vision for their own style.

How do you select music to your films?

Music choices reflect the mood and atmosphere of each individual day. However there is never a stronger message than the spoken voices, or the visual palette which we highlight in our films.

What is your advice to couples getting married?

Invite those closest to you, make the ceremony personal, and talk about yourselves as much as you can to every vendor, so they can get the best understanding of your personality and wishes!


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