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Spotlight On | Sahroo

Sahroo was founded in New York City in 2018 by Sarah Abbasi, who was inspired by the ease and elegance of the matching sets often worn in the subcontinent. Sahroo playfully reinterprets that way of dressing using sumptuous fabrics, artisanal techniques and a dreamy, romantic colour palette. Sahroo's twice-annual collections are exquisitely created by local artisans who are masters of their crafts. These collaborators include hand-dyers, hand-embellishers and expert tailors who oversee the cutting and sewing of each individual piece.

Sahroo is as much about beautiful clothing as it is about contributing to a more beautiful planet. They only use only recycled materials for their packaging and as part of their ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted, they are dedicated to planting five trees for every order placed. Find Sahroo's list of retailers here or book in with Sarah directly in New York.

With many separates, pink options, suits, shorts and metallics, Sahroo is definitely a label that is made for Anti-Brides. What we love also is that these pieces can be worn well beyond your wedding day.

"We believe in beautiful clothing. To us, that means luxurious pieces that are rooted in our heritage, meticulously made from start to finish and effortlessly opulent in a way you never knew existed."


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