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Inspired by a nostalgia for the California of past decades, DÔEN creates timeless treasures to wear now, and cherish forever.

Founded in 2016, sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland began DÔEN inspired by the landscape of their home state of California, and driven by the mission to support women throughout the supply chain, community, and organisation. The duo were driven to create beautiful, romantic pieces and the brand produces timeless collections - styles that can be worn and cherished for years to come.

Community has always been central to all that DÔEN does. The brand focuses on ethical production practices and a collaborative approach - connecting to others from all around the world. A distinct sense of romanticism guides and inspires all that DÔEN creates - from the designs themselves to the dream-like worlds in which the pieces are brought to life. Weddings and celebrations of love, in all their romantic and enchanting forms, are the perfect setting for these beautiful pieces.

On a sunny Sydney afternoon, we captured three stunning looks - soft silks, easy flowing fabrics and nostalgic crochet pieces that hold something special for a moonlit elopement to a garden wedding. From getting ready in the Merida pinafore style dress with delicate eyelet embroidery, walking down the aisle in the handmade crochet dress Chaise, with oversized flower detailing and baby blossoms - to dancing in the soft, silk satin Sicilia with a bias cut skirt paired with blue thistle Ballerina slippers. Three looks to capture a sunset garden celebration, teaming with nostalgia and romance.

DÔEN gowns are available to purchase directly from their website, flagship store in Brentwood, California or shop select styles online at Net-A-Porter.

Photographer : Matt Godkin

Styling : The Anti-Bride

HMUA : Haylee Davis

Model : Ajok | Chic Management


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