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Real Wedding | Justine & Bob

Tell us a little about yourselves!

We met through mutual friends and have always been there for each other since. We got married after 11 years together. We support each other in everything, there’s an easy understanding between us. It just works. We both have a caring nature, we like to take care of other people. That was probably our biggest challenge in planning a wedding -  to let go of constantly caring for others and fully enjoy our day.

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

We planned for a wedding in two parts: the civil wedding at home in Belgium, and a ceremony and party in Italy the year after. For the civil wedding, it made sense to host the celebration in a place where Bob grew up, a spot where his family often gathers. It’s a magical and impressive place, but it also feels like home. It’s our ultimate place to unwind, which means a lot to us. Although we know the view by heart, we still think it’s jaw dropping. Since we were also hosting a celebration abroad, it was the perfect place to include older family members who couldn't travel. We chose to have a garden party, because we love dwelling underneath the huge trees, with a view of the castle. It’s a unique and historical location.

How many guests did you have?

Around 45 to 50 people.  We really wanted to keep it spontaneous and intimate. Shaking hands with 100 people is not our thing, it had to feel like a cozy gathering. We invited only the closest older family members, drawing the line at cousins. We were a bit concerned about potentially offending people by not inviting them, but this is what felt right to us.

What was your budget?

We chose where to allocate our budget very carefully. The most important thing to us was creating a great guest experience. Initially, we thought having fewer guests would mean spending less. But because we focused so much on our guests' experience, the total ended up being comparable to what others might spend on a larger event.

Tell us about your outfits.

Justine chose to work with Belgian designer Toos Franken for her dress. It definitely wasn’t the typical wedding dress, she opted for something simple and comfortable, yet with special details. Bob chose a brand his family has been wearing for a long time for his attire. The olive toned colour scheme was a nod to the natural surroundings and the castle, and our plans in Italy. We’re happy with the cohesive look it provided for the photos.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

We were tied to a few formal moments, like signing the official paperwork, but we definitely wanted to avoid a cliché wedding. Spontaneity was crucial to us, we aimed for an informal day to simply enjoy being together. While there were assigned seats, everyone was free to move around as they pleased. There wasn't a set "end" to the day; we just enjoyed each other's company, which spontaneously turned into some dancing underneath the stars. We didn’t want to stress out about the preparations, so we’re happy we chose a great wedding planner - Eline Ros, who understood us, our values and our vision. We immediately felt comfortable with her. She saved us a lot of time and introduced us to other vendors we loved.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

Justine and her mother made the ceramics by hand. We incorporated a couple of nods to our celebrations in Italy, like lemons, olive oil from our Italian wedding venue, some of our favorite Italian dishes. A long beautiful table on the grass, with a spacious feeling and a view of the castle was also very important.

Any tips for couples getting married?

Surround yourself with the right planner and partners. Do what feels right for you.

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

Everyone, really. Our planner Eline Ros, she translated our vision and made it even better. Anisa from To Remember designed our stationary, perfectly modern minimalistic. Anne Stoffels who made the perfect hair piece.

We felt at ease with our make-up artist Carolien Wardenier and our photographer, they made us feel very comfortable. We love the editorial style in the photos Elke Van den Ende took - and how they capture not only the big moments, but also the feeling of the day. Small details like a ladybug on a hand, the details of the surroundings. There’s so much beauty in details, materials, atmosphere and we’re happy the photos reflect that.

The caterer Vandersmissen Feestservice is someone we’ve been working with for years, they listened to our wishes extremely well.

The flowers from Wilder Antwerpen were also beautiful and fit perfectly into the setting. We’re happy with the partners we chose, we brought most of them abroad for the second part of the celebrations.

Photographer: Elke Van den Ende @elkevdende | Ceremony & Reception Location: Private Residence | Planning & Styling: Eline Ros @elineros | Flora: Wilder Antwerpen @wilderantwerp |

HMUA: Carolien Wardenier @carolienwardenier | Catering + Beverages: Vandersmissen Feestservice

@vandersmissen_feestservice | Stationery: To Remember | Justine's Dress: Toos Franken @toos_franken | Bob's Suit: Scabal @scabal | Justine's Heels: Morobé @morobe__ | Hair Accessory: Anne Stoffels @thisisannestoffels


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