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Real Wedding | Ella + James

Tell us a little about yourselves!

We have been together since 2010, and have perpetually stayed in the honeymoon phase. Since we first started dating, we knew we would get married and spend the rest of our lives together. Which is maybe why we waited so long to get married. We wanted our wedding day to just be about our love and nothing else, and so decided to elope. 

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

We wanted to escape and Tasmania was an easy choice because it is such a beautiful part of the world, but not too far from home. We also heard incredible things about the food and produce which sealed the deal for choosing Tasmania. Then when we saw The Point and the beautiful landscape and architecture, we knew that was where we wanted it to be. 

How many guests did you have?

Just us! However it did feel like we had a mini party after the ceremony when Gelisa, Omar, Rachael, and Maybell popped the champagne after we kissed - which felt so nice. But we then spent the rest of night with just us, which was perfect. 

What was your budget?

Honestly, we didn’t have a budget. We knew that at the end of the day it was going to be vastly inexpensive compared to a traditional wedding, in which we invited our friends and family. 

Tell us about your outfits.

Getting James’s outfit was so easy. We walked into M. J. Bale and found exactly what we liked, tried it on, and it was done. Then we went to Aquila, which we can always depend on, and purchased his shoes. 

For my wedding dress, I went to Silk Laundry and ordered a white silk slip dress from their bridal collection, which was beautiful. However, on the day I felt the need to just wear my favourite Silk Laundry dress that I have had for years, which was black.  Of course this meant I still had the white shoes I planned to wear with the original dress. The veil was one of my favourite items, which was custom embroidered from L’eto Bridal with the lyrics of our wedding song and the date of our wedding. Since the wedding, I have had the veil on display in our wardrobe so I can see it every day. 

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

The main aspect of the wedding day and especially the planning, was for it to be stress free and not overwhelming. Having Gelisa from Dear Leone plan and organise our wedding was the best decision we made. After our first Zoom meeting with Gelisa, we instantly felt a weight off our shoulders. And in the end she planned such a beautiful day and we couldn’t have done it without her - if not for her we probably would still not be married!

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

We wanted to be married so much, we didn’t think we needed anything other than each other. But Rachael Calvert our celebrant, was incredible. She made our ceremony so beautiful and special, in a way we never thought we needed. 

Of course we would be lying if we said the food wasn’t important. And it was incredible. It was the best meal we ever had. Maybell from Season and Fire is so talented and cool. We didn’t actually want a wedding cake, and in fact we actually don’t have the same taste in desserts. So Maybell made us each a different dessert for our night. However, we were too full to eat it after the gorgeous meal, so she left it for us. We later enjoyed the dessert in the bath, and thought ‘’now this is a wedding!’’.

Any tips for couples getting married?

Let go and get help. Have someone like Gelisa of Dear Leone plan your wedding and just turn up for the day. 

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

My biggest fear (Ella) was having my photo taken. It has always been a fear of mine. But we still wanted to capture the day and the beautiful location and elements of the wedding. We chose Omar from By The Wilde photography because we loved his photography style. And he is amazing! And he instantly put me at ease (he is Valium in human form). 

To be honest we loved all our vendors. The day was so relaxed because of them. We always imagined that even an elopement would feel like the pre-wedding scene of ‘’My Big Fat Greek Wedding’’, but it wasn’t at all. It was the best day of our lives, and we can’t wait to do it again - because why not marry each other several times?

Planner + Stylist: Dear Leone | Photographer: By The Wilde @bythewilde | Ceremony + Reception Location: The Point, Tasmania @thepoint.tasmania | Celebrant: Rachael Calvert @rachael_calvert_weddings | Flora: Form Floral Design @form_floraldesign | Makeup: Jacqui Bradfield @jacquibradfieldmakeup | Hair: Hair by Kara Coulson @hairbykaracoulson | Catering + Beverages: Season and Fire @seasonandfire | Ella’s Dress: Silk Laundry @silklaundry | Ella’s Veil: L’eto Bridal | James' Suit: M.J Bale | Engagement Ring: Alexis Russell | Wedding Rings: Masters Jewellers | Shoes: Tony Bianco (Ella) + Aquila (James)


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