Real Wedding | Angel + Zack

Angel and Zack first met just through friends over 5 years ago during Angel’s last semester at UT Austin. Soon after Angel graduated, the couple moved to Seattle after Zack was offered a promotion. Escaping the dismal weather throughout much of the year in Seattle, travel became a main event for Angel and Zack's lives together. Europe, Thailand, Mexico, Mauritius, Turkey, and any weekend trip across the US they could squeeze in. After over two years in Seattle, Zack was promoted again to Salt Lake City, coincidentally his home state.

"We got engaged on a long layover through Amsterdam on a private canal tour. Then subsequently “reverse engaged” a few months later on a sunset sail on a sailing yacht in Bodrum. We’ve been here now just over 2 years. We will be closing on our first home in just a few weeks, so we’re staying put for a while - we have to plant our roots somewhere to start our focus on starting a family!"