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Giving On Your Wedding Day.

As more and more couples are getting married later in life, the need to gift registries including homewares may not be quite as relevant as decades past. A lot of couples are also wishing to forgo certain elements of a traditional wedding and are choosing to spend that money elsewhere, for example on donating to a charity that is close to their heart.

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting gifts towards your life together as a couple. However, in light of recent drought and fires across Australia (as well as globally) and of course the global pandemic, more and more couples are wishing to make their wedding day just that little bit more philanthropic.

1. Although not a charity, it is imperative to support small businesses affected by the fires/drought/natural disasters and of course the pandemic. Many popular wedding locations have been seriously impacted by the extended lockdowns. If you are considering a wedding location later in the year or in 2022, don't discount locations that have been most heavily impacted. Another great initiative is Spend With Them, where you can order items online from business who have been affected by the bushfires (as well as the pandemic) - a great idea for bridal party gifts or any items you may need for your wedding day.

2. Buy Wine. Yes, you read right. Goodwill Wine will donate 50% of their profits to a charity of choice. They have a fantastic range of charities to choose from.

3. Select a venue that gives back. There are a number of venues around the country that are affiliated with a charity or cause such as The Freedom Hub in Sydney, Australia.

4. Donate leftover food. OzHarvest will come collect it from your venue - it's a great option to look into!

5. In lieu of favours donate to a charity of choice. You may wish to let your guests know that you have done this - and place a card on their table setting for example. Starlight Foundation will even make cards for you! Alternatively you may choose to buy favours that give a percentage of their profit to charity.

6. Instead of gifts you may request to have your guests donate to a charity instead. However, if you still love the idea of a gift registry, why not include a few charity donation options?

7. Strip back your wedding and donate the saved money to charity instead. I.e. you may choose to have a small flower budget, or not have a cake, but make a donation of the amount you have budgeted.

8. If you are wanting to have a kitchen tea, bridal shower, bucks party or hen's party (or just ant get -together with friends before your wedding!), why not go to a café or restaurant that gives back, buy wine that donates to charity or get your friends together to volunteer for a few hours instead?

9. If you are having a wedding party, why not purchase your gifts for friends from Vow for Girls to help raise funds to end child marriage?

10. Donate your flowers to a local hospital or Aged Care facility the day after your wedding. Often flowers go to waste and end up in the rubbish, so this is a very simple and effective way to brighten someones day.

11. Donate your wedding dress. If you don't think you will wear your dress again or it is in a corner collecting dust, you may want to consider donating it to a charity such as Angel Gowns Australia.


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