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Engagement | Tori + Keegan

Keegan and Tori's engagement session, photographed by Michelle Scott, captured our attention a few months ago - and we are thrilled to be able to share more of their jaw-dropping images of their Brooklyn shoot.

Keegan grew up in Brooklyn and always wanted Tori to love it as much as him, so it made the perfect location for their engagement session. Keegan also proposed at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for Tori to have positive memories in the city he loves. 

Both Keegan and Tori's outfits were incredible and it is no surprise that Tori is a wardrobe stylist. "I wanted to wear something vibrant and full. Green is one of my favourite colours and I am the definition of a non- traditionalist." She also knew that she wasn’t planning on wearing a wedding gown at her wedding, and she used the engagement shoot to go all out. The neon green dress from Elizabeth Dye was paused with a floral Gucci turban to add elements of texture and color. The neutral tone snakeskin thigh high Lily's Kloset boots also added texture and a bit of fun and sexy, to tone down the grandness of the gown.

Keegan complemented Tori's outfit with his denim on denim "Canadian style" tuxedo from Nordstrom. The monochromatic blue jean next to the neon dress made the shoot casual as the couple intended for this look to be. It also was a play on their personalities - cool and calm, yet vibrant and quirky.  Their advice to other couples getting married? "Take advantage of pre-marital counselling and continue seeking wise counsel throughout your marriage. Marriage is about being a team and fighting together not against one another. If you take this stance, then you will no longer try to win as an individual but win as a unit." 

Bride's Shoes : Lily's Kloset

Groom's Boots : Cole Haan


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