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Contemporary Engagement Rings.

When purchasing an engagement ring there are a few things to consider :


Are you (or your partner) a traditionalist and after a diamond, or do you prefer a gemstone? A gemstone will often be a more inexpensive option and is a great stone to consider, if you or your partner would prefer something with colour.


If you are after a ring that isn't a princess cut diamond, there are many other options available, such as emerald, radiant or cushion. You may by-pass that completely and chose to have no stone (or ring) at all!


Yes, this refers to the size of the diamond, but also the weight of gold in the jewellery. Lower carat means less percent pure gold in the jewellery. (24 carat is the highest and 100% pure for gold.) Lower carat options will be more affordable, yet still make a durable choice.


Never feel like a princess cut diamond is the only style for you. There is no rule to say you need to get a white diamond or a solitaire style ring. Like any aspect of wedding planning, don't ever feel you 'should' do anything unless it's meaningful to you.

Below we have curated a few of our favourite non-traditional and contemporary engagement ring options.


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