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Bridal Party Style.

The days of matchy, matchy formalwear for bridal parties is thankfully not quite as prevalent as it was even 10 years ago. Couples are giving their best friends far more freedom of choice and are relaxing the rules. The result is a lot more personal expression and unique touches, rather than the uniform look of years past. Here are some styles we are loving.

1. Different Styles in a Complementary Colour Palette.

Choose a complementary colour palette that will tie in both your partner's and your look as well as your bridal party. This needs a very good eye and perhaps the assistance of a bridal stylist, as it is one of the most challenging bridal party styling options.

2. Matching Prints

Why choose a plain fabric when you can have a little fun (and a red lip)? Even though the girls are in matching dresses, there is so much impact from simply changing a plain colour to a print.

3. Different Styles in the Same Colour.

This is a perfect option for brides that want their bridal party to choose their own preferred styles. Choose a colour that will complement you and your partners outfit and let your bridal party opt for a style that will best suit their personality. If there is something you don't want feel free to give some guidelines (ie length of outfit or style/colour of shoes).

Image by Wynn Myers

4. Different Textures in the Same Colour.

This is a bit of an extension from the previous style. Adding textures definitely adds interest. Again choosing one colour will help tie all the looks together. It may be worth considering different necklines too (i.e. all different, half one style, half the other). Alternatively it's completely fine to have everyone in a completely different style.

Image by Mitch Pohl

5. Different Styles, Prints and Colours.

This combination is again one of the most challenging bridal party styling options and is great for weddings that are colourful and vibrant. It is a great option to tie the looks in together by having matching bouquets and/or shoes, which will make the looks more cohesive.

6. Same Colours in Unique Styles.

There is nothing wrong with having your bridal party in the same colour and style if that's what you want. However, why not think outside the box a little?

​7. Mismatched Prints and Styles.

This is a great option and adds a unique feel to your bridal party. Let your bridal party decide on colours and prints if you wish, or give a colour palette to select from if you are wanting something more streamlined.

Image by Tess Follet

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