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Whilst bridal trends come and go, some bridal outfits have withstood time and continue to inspire decades later. There are so many iconic weddings and brides, however I have selected a few stand out anti-brides of their time.

Who could ever look past Bianca Jagger's wedding to Mick Jagger. Bianca was the epitome of quintessential, effortless cool. Not only did she wear a skirt suit by Savile Row tailor Tommy Nutter (with nothing under the blazer), she was also arguably well ahead of her time with the veil and hat combination - which started resurfacing last year.

She may have been well know to spark controversy, but Yoko Ono definitely care to be conventional or follow the rule book. Not sure if you want to wear a long dress or have a traditional wedding? Take inspiration from Yoko Ono's wedding to John Lennon in 1969 and wearing a short wedding dress to your low-key registry wedding.

There is no doubt the spotlight was on Priscilla at her wedding to Elvis Priestly. The stunning 21-year old bride designed her own gown including her voluminous veil at her 1967 wedding.

Although Audrey Hepburn was mostly known for her classic, elegant style - she bucked tradition at her second wedding to Andrea Dotti in 1969 and wore a long sleeved, short, pink shift dress - designed by Hubert de Givenchy nonetheless.

Caroline Bessette and John F. Kennedy Junior were the poster couple of the nineties before their untimely death. Caroline was known for her incredible style and was ahead of her time in her wardrobe choices. She undoubtedly owned the slip dress she wore at her wedding and added her own impeccable touch by wearing sheer, elbow length gloves.

Although you may have questioned wearing a veil up until now, Kate Moss' wedding to Jamie Hince, will most likely change your mind about this decision in a heartbeat. Not only did she own the John Galliano gold slip dress (which many criticised to be too sheer), she showed that wearing a veil can still be effortlessly cool.

If you're tossing up whether to wear colour, Portia de Rossi definitely showed you how it's done at her wedding to Ellen Degeneres. The couple wed over 10 years ago and Portia wore a blush tulle gown with a tuxedo inspired halter top designed by Zac Posen.

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