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Real Wedding | Selina + Julian

Tell us a little about yourselves!

We are both from the Philippines. Julian is 34 and I am 32. Julian is a banker and I am a chef and content creator for

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

Julian and I met in college. We met at Coachella during our college years despite having multiple mutual friends. Julian and I were one of those couples that knew that pursuing any kind of relationship during our younger years was not in our best interest. It was not the right time. Instead we remained friends. It was the best decision we’ve ever made. You canmeet the perfect person but at the wrong time. I guess it was a waiting game. It was worth the wait.

During the pandemic we moved to Madrid. Julian took me to Comporta for my birthday. During one of the days, we went to Calvahal beach. We walked up what seemed like small mountains of sand dunes. We packed a picnic and one too many bottles of wine. We had one of those days that almost felt like a movie. The beach emptied out, it was sunset, the music was perfect and the wine was going

down just right. I thought this was the moment he was going to propose. After waiting for a few more hours, I had braisanly asked “Are you going to propose to me right now? Because I am definitely feeling it”. Unfortunately, he did not have the ring.

For many women that could have been the single most embarrassing moment of my life but I knew that he was the one and it was only a matter of time. He proposed to me later in December. He later told me that if he had the ring- that day in the beach would’ve been the moment he asked me to marry him. So we decided to get married there instead. In fact, the beach bar behind it was Sublime Beach Club.

We felt it came to full circle that we hold our first event in that very spot facing the duney sand pit.

How many guests did you have?


Tell us about your outfits.

Julian wore a traditional Filipino barong from Peuy Quinones. Filipino barongs are made from pineapple

fiber. Julian chose a Chinese collar which was unconventional but he felt it was more special than any other barong he’s ever owned.

My first dress (Rosie Assouline) was chosen due to the blue stripes that ran down the dress. I felt it was perfect for Comporta. I felt it represented every blue window pane in all of the town.

My wedding dress was actually a journey. I honesty thought I was going to pick a dress from Danielle Frankel. I always thought of myself as a modern bride. Non traditional. I was in LA in October 2022 and I went to Loho Bride to try dresses on with my sister (Betina) and my best friend/bridesmaids (Camilla). We looked through dresses and saw the Vivienne Westwood. At the time we thought it didn’t match my venue and I decided to try it on just for fun. It was the first dress I tried on. As soon as it

was zipped on my body. I knew it was the one. As cliché as it sounds, your body will know. I’ve received so much advice on how to pick a wedding dress. But the best advice I’ve received was from my sister in law Marga. She told me, “Don’t think about the venue. Choose the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful”

The dress was not an easy process to precur. Since Vivienne Westwood was a hot commodity, getting an

appointment was not an easy feat. It took 2 weeks of calling everyday until the NYC branch granted me a 30 minute appointment. 30 minutes was all I needed anyway. I bought the dress 15 minutes in.

My after party dress reminded me of a Comporta house. It made me think of the roofs that were covered in hay. It also reminded me of the stork nests and a traditional Filipino house called

Bahay Kubo. It was the perfect fusion of both. I didn’t want sequence or a metallic look. I wanted to be different. My goodbye dress was a beautiful two piece gifted to me by my mother in law and sister in law. It was such a meaningful and stunning piece. It reminded me of seaweed. The movement and frills are what made it perfect.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

Julian and I both love food. It was important for us to find a caterer (Two Pac) that understood what we valued. Our love language consists of sharing our love of food. Whether it was the act of giving, sharing or indulging- food was the one language that we both understood and spoke fluently.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

We wanted to highlight the quaint and intimate feeling of Comporta. Comporta is such a special place. A town that straddles the ocean, rice paddies and forest. We kept it simple. However, we did feel strongly about the small details. In our welcome baskets, we had bags from Marrakech weaned. Comporta was sewn in blue thread. Which represented the blue homes. Inside we had the quintessential first aid kit but we also had sardine tins, mackerel pate and a newsletter that we

designed with our illustrator Ava Pessina from Lava Studios. She illustrated the newsletter with cute

little elements such as the crossword puzzle that was littered with our past trivia.

My bridesmaids Katrina Swee wrote an article about a weekend she spent with us. Julian and I shared a sandwich recipe that we had during our first visit to Comporta and a cocktail recipe created by Julian. These were details that we felt made it special.

Any tips for couples getting married?

Splitting tasks equally is key. Planning a wedding is not for everyone. The anticipation and constant decisions were intense. However, it was worth it all in the end. It was the best days we’ve ever

spent with family and friends.

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

All of this could not have been done without our wedding planner Diana of Festa Aluga. She was a key piece to our success.

Nonetheless, all our success could not have been captured without Volvoreta. We did not expect the level of professionalism and creativity. From the moment we had our first meeting, Jimena was able to guide us through the process. Volvoreta captured the most intimate and private moments without overstepping. The intricacy of their strategy and their dedication to their craft is something that has been forever captured through their photos and videos. We are so blessed to have our special day captured and eternalized by Volvoreta. One of the Best decisions we ever made!

Photographer + Videographer : Volvoreta @volvoreta | Ceremony + Reception Location : Private Home in Comporta (Las Casas De Bicas) | Entertainment : Circus (From Paris) @circus__music | Styling: by the Bride | Planner : Diana Pereira from Festa Aluga @festa_aluga | Flora : Decofloralia @decofloralia | Makeup Artist: Cristina Gomes | Hair Stylist : Helena Vaz Pereira from Giraffe Salon @helenavazpereira | Catering + Beverages : Two Pac @twopack_kitchen | Beach Dress : Rosie Assouline @rosie_assoulin | Wedding Gown : Vivienne Westwood @viviennewestwood | Engagement Ring : Dan Raz from Ascot Diamonds in New York @ascotdiamonds | Wedding Rings : Nina Cuenca (Philippines) | Shoes : Castaner (Beach) + Aquazzura


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