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REAL WEDDING | Martina & Filippo

Tell us a little about yourselves!

We are Martina and Filippo, a vibrant couple based in Milan. Martina works in Human Resources for a cutting-edge Italian luxury brand. With a background as a water polo athlete, she's passionate about sports and loves the vibrant energy of city life but also cherishes the tranquility of the countryside. Whenever possible, she travels to Kenya, a place that holds a special spot in her heart.

Filippo is a tech entrepreneur who has lived and worked abroad before founding his own company. He has a deep appreciation for art and enjoys creating installations that combine neon and glass, a creative endeavor inspired by his grandfather. Together, we live in Milan with our beloved whippet, balancing our busy professional lives with our shared passions and interests.

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

We chose to get married at Mariencò because it perfectly represents what we love: a balance between simplicity, art, and elegance. This enchanting Milanese courtyard is an oasis hidden behind a discreet door. Marinella Rossi, the creator of this magical place, is a descendant of a lineage of chefs and has infused every detail with her passion for culture, essence, and purity.

Mariencò is more than just a restaurant; it is a sensory experience. Every corner is furnished with poetic taste, and every dish tells a story, inspired by Marinella's travels and her culinary heritage. Marinella's refined hospitality creates an atmosphere of extraordinary beauty that deeply resonates with us. For this reason, we couldn't imagine a better place to celebrate our love and union.

How many guests did you have?

Our wedding was attended by 100 guests, who were our closest friends and family members whom we love dearly. It was a joy to celebrate our special day surrounded by those who mean the most to us.

Tell us about your outfits.

I always wanted a particular dress thinking about my wedding. Neither too "wedding" nor too unconventional. I am a person in everyday life sporty and simple, and at the same time, working in Fashion & Luxury Company, I am attentive to details, trends, a perfectionist, always looking for something unique and special to wear.

With this spirit I started looking for some references that could make me fall in love with "my dress" until I found different cues in different dresses and then I created with Stefania and Atelier Via Donizetti the right balance between femininity, simplicity, uniqueness and sophistication. To make the dress complete, we finally made a lace cape that could represent an elegant and refined stilling for the church and the first part of the ceremony, and then we could discover the real dress during the dinner and the party.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

The most important aspect for us in planning our wedding was to create a special, elegant, and private atmosphere that would offer our guests a new experience in a place they likely didn't know. We wanted an intimate setting with a limited number of guests in a city we love. It was essential for us to feel comfortable at every moment of the ceremony and the celebration, without sacrificing fun, but rather creating opportunities for conversation and reconnecting with loved ones.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

We aimed for a magical and evocative atmosphere in a space of pure industrial architecture. A key element was the refined cuisine and high-level catering. We also wanted a floral and candle lit ambiance, along with the subtle music of a DJ playing vinyl records. It was important to have a lively celebration with dancing among friends. Additionally, we placed writings of poems by Walt Whitman, Franco Arminio, and selections from Dante's Divine Comedy for our guests to discover, adding a touch of literary elegance to the event.

Any tips for couples getting married?

Our tips for couples getting married would be to first and foremost do something that they truly love. Seek simplicity and create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable. It’s incredibly helpful to enlist the support of professional wedding planners. Lastly, make sure to enjoy the entire day and carve out moments to spend with friends and family.

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

We'd love to highlight a few of our fantastic vendors. Stefania Guastini from Guastinistyle was our exceptional wedding planner who ensured every detail was perfect.

Mariencò served as both our stunning location and provided exquisite catering that our guests loved.

Nicoletta Subitoni , our photographer, captured the day beautifully, preserving our memories with her incredible talent.

Photographer: Nicoletta Subitoni  @nicolettasubitoni | Planning & Styling: Stefania Guastini from Guastinistyle @guastinistyle | Flora: Il Profumo dei Fiori @ilprofumodeifiori | Ceremony Location:

Basilica di S.Vincenzo in Prato, Via Daniele Crespi, 6 Milano | Reception Location: Marienco @marienco | MUA: Michela Clemeno @michcosmetics | Hair Stylist: Miriam Razza  @makeup.signorina.nn | Catering, Beverages & Cake: Marienco @marienco | Entertainment:

Pitagora Service @pitagoraservice | Dresses: Atelier Via Donizetti @atelierviadonizetti | Suit: Deplano Sartoria @sartoria_deplano | Veil: Atelier Via Donizetti @atelierviadonizetti | Engagement & Wedding Rings: Carlo Barberis @carlo_barberis_fine_jewellery


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