Real Wedding | Erika + Maciej

When Erika and Maciej met, they became best friends for several years before they got together. Erika always had a bit of a secret crush on Maciej, but so did every girl she knew - so she thought it was to be expected she did too! "We don’t believe in perfect people or perfect relationships, but ending up with someone you connect with so deeply, makes us feel lucky as hell."

The couple got engaged on a rocky Sicilian coast near Erice (which means 'for Erika') and loved how that island and its people made them feel relaxed, welcome and ever so in love. They knew that a traditional Polish wedding was not an experience they'd be excited for and they realised that in order to be true to themselves, they would get married in Sicily - in the presence of 10 of their closest friends." Their day was captured by Pawel Andrzewjewski of Love Needs. Erika and Maciej had had a second wedding reception/dinner party for their families after returning to Warsaw, to also include them in their celebrations.

The couple's outfits were both custom made and chosen to suit their beautiful Sicilian celebration. "Maciej is a lawyer, so he’s no stranger to a tailored suit. However, for the wedding we asked his brilliant tailor D'Senis to help us create a look corresponding with Italian sense of style. It’s called „Sprezzatura”; considered effortlessness. We went for a pinstripe navy double-breasted suit, ivory shirt (same shade as the dress) and black loafers. Maciej comes from a family of lawyers so as a nod to tradition he wore a lapel pin of the Warsaw Bar Association."