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Real Wedding | Carly + Ross

Carly and Ross met four years ago on Tinder however, a mutual friend had tried to set them up previously. It seems that the two were just meant to be!

"We live in Gowanus, Brooklyn with our many plants. Ross works in start-ups and until just recently owned a honey company. I’m a former cook who works for a tea company. We are both big fans of record-collecting, cheeseburgers, riding our bikes around town, movie nights with friends, and disco. We loved the idea of having a small, low-key ceremony at city hall and planning a big party for later on down the road. It was just us and our immediate families, with 9 guests in total and it felt very special - afterwards we saw a movie and had lunch at our favourite theatre, and in the evening had an intimate dinner in a private dining room on the top floor of Brooklyn restaurant Sunday in Brooklyn. It was magic." Sylvie Rosokoff captured their relaxed day.

Carly's mother made her original wedding dress around 1970, and generously allowed Carly to alter it to fit her shape and taste. "Ann Hamilton Bridal is a WIZARD of restyling vintage gowns and was able to rework the fabric in a completely different style - my inspirations were The Vampire’s Wife and Batsheva. I found my vintage Balenciaga boots online, and my fluffy vintage coat as well. Ross got an old Asos suit tailored for the occasion. Since it was NYC in December, we wanted everyone to feel as warm and comfortable as possible, so we were going for coverage as much as anything else! I buy almost exclusively vintage for the rest of my wardrobe, so it felt fitting that everything we wore was either something we already owned, or acquired second-hand."

What was the most important factor in planning their wedding? "Low stress! We wanted it to feel special, casual, and fun, and unique to us. We’re low-key folks and are planning a big party further down the line for the dancing portion, so the ceremony was as intimate and easy-going as possible, with little touches that felt uniquely like us."

Carly initially didn’t plan to wear her mothers dress. "Some might say we went pretty nontraditional with our ceremony, and wearing a formal gown didn’t feel right. My mom’s dress was so beautifully made (by her) and definitely quirky, so it felt special and important to honour her by wearing it, albeit a bit altered."

Any tips for couples getting married? "Figure out what your perfect day would be, wedding ceremony or not, and plan around that. We picked things we love and found a way to incorporate them, and everything fell into place from there! Pick the traditions that are personally meaningful and feel free to lose the rest. Oh, and plan a separate reception! It’ll make it less like a marathon that you’re also sprinting, and better able to soak in the day."

Photographer : Sylvie Rosokoff @sylviethecamera | Ceremony location : Brooklyn City Clerk’s office / NYC Marriage Bureau | Reception location : Sunday in Brooklyn @sundayinbrooklyn | Flora : Dutch Flower Line (self-arranged) @dutchflowerline_nyfg | Catering + Beverages : Breakfast sandwich spread by Court Street Grocers @courtstreetgrocers | Post-ceremony lunch & movie : Alamo Drafthouse @drafthouse | Bride's Dress : Vintage dress made by my mother around 1970, re-styled by Ann Hamilton Bridal @annhamiltonbridal | Groom's Suit : Asos | Rings : Custom piece by Alev Koksal of Gece Jewelry @gecenyc | Shoes : Vintage Balenciaga @balenciaga | Other jewellery / accessories : Borrowed vintage sapphire and diamond earrings from a friend; Vintage coat (no label)


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