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Mary Shelton is based between Chicago and Michigan and travels throughout the US to photograph weddings. With an organic, timeless and modern style, Mary Shelton captures memories for her clients that can be passed down through the generations.

Where are you based?

I am based in Chicago and Michigan and photograph weddings throughout the US.

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely, I love to travel and be inspired by my surroundings.

How would you describe your style?

If i had to choose three words to describe it I would say organic, modern and timeless.

What inspires you?

My eyes have always gravitated towards fashion, architecture, music, and films.

What motivates you to do what you do?

At the heart of it all I have my very southern Grandmother, who collects every photo ever taken in our family. And I just love seeing those moments in time - and seeing the visual traits that have been passed down to each generation, whether that be energy, eyes, a smile or style.

I want to achieve that same story for my clients and ensure that when I take a photo, they not only feel that moment, but it creates a core memory that can be passed down through the generations also.

How would you describe your working style?

Laid back and fun, yet very efficient. I feel like I have the ability to sense if it's a moment I need to be a fly on the wall and take in the intimate moment with my camera or follow along the upbeat energy the wedding can bring. Since I love organic imagery, I need to be able to be a chameleon with the energy in the room.

Do you shoot digitally, on film or both?

Both! I shoot primarily digital but you can always add film to your wedding package.

Do you have custom packages according to individual needs?

Every custom package is curated to fit the needs of the couple, and always includes travel and fees.

Where would you love to travel to for work?

I feel like my list is endless a few places that are high on the list would be Italy, Santorini, Cape Town, Cartagena, France, Portugal and Bali - as well as any beautiful beach!

Who is your dream client?

My dream clients are people who appreciate my craft, who live intentionally and live their life! If you’re an easy going person, love to collaborate, know how to have a good time and are fashion focused, I would love to work with you!


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