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Paris, in Pink

Paris, the city of love, has long been hailed as the ultimate destination for dreamy weddings, and it's not hard to see why. With its unparalleled romance and timeless style, the French capital effortlessly sets the stage for love stories. Still Miracle beautifully encapsulated the couple's vibrant love in the heart of this magical city.

Throughout the shoot, their love for each other shone brightly. The bride's dress by Australian designers Aje became a bold fashion statement. Adorned in a daring palette, it exuded radiance and resolute spirit. The gown seemed to echo the bride's confidence and determination, making her a vision of elegance and empowerment.

As the world continues to fall under the spell of Paris, this vibrant love story stands as a testament to the city's magnetic allure and its ability to weave unforgettable tales of love and romance.

Photography, Creative Direction + Design : Still Miracle @still_miracle | Coordination + Event Planning : Sparkling Moments | Styling : Anna Torno @anna_torno_style | Gown : Aje @_aje_ | Hats : Maison Krasnova @maisonkrasnova | Jewellery : Romas Tania @romas_tania | HMUA : Svetlana Sussbauer @svetalana_sussbauer | Model : Anna @anna.k.k.e | Shoes : Dior @dior


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