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Nouvelle Vague

The vision for this editorial was to portray what an intimate, simple elopement could feel like. An elopement merely focused on love with a 'back to basics' approach - reminiscent of New Wave cinema.

Photographer Morgane from Petite Visuals referred to the Nouvelle Vague cinematography as inspiration for this shoot, incorporating stills with moving images in editorial which was captured in Melbourne and also shot in part at The Hotel Windsor. "New Wave cinema is where all the extras become obsolete, and love is exposed to its bare and glorious bones. Where traditions go out the window. And for me it is also nostalgic, it is European and it is a bit rebellious."

Petite Visuals and Analog Modern shot this elopement with analog cameras and referred to many New Wave cinema composition rules. The team kept in line with the Nouvelle Vague theme with vintage tablewares, seasonal and French blooms from Tremella Botanicals and European style stationery with handwritten cards from Vanessa Nguyen. All details were impeccably styled and brought together by Whole Lotta Love Creative - who even hand poured the gorgeous candles for the table setting. The sentiment of nostalgia was also evoked by the vintage inspired cake from Torte by Mirjana. The team was picked specifically for their love of nostalgia and expertise on modern love stories.

The creative team wanted to offer a modern take on French retro. Max wore 60's inspired suits by Godwin Charli and Anna elopement friendly dresses by Karen Willis Holmes - reminiscent of the style of lovers Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.


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