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An Intimate Soirée

Photographer Cora Neumüller from Emoments Photography and Wedding Planner and Designer Studio Wedded embarked on a creative journey to capture an authentic love story in a contemporary setting.

The moody and bold design of the tablescape and every choice of colour and texture was carefully considered to reflect the energy and personality of the couple. Strong colors and maximalist styling infused the scene with depth and warmth, creating a space that felt both modern and timeless.

Emoments Photography's style beautifully complemented the overall aesthetic of the shoot. Cora captured moments with a softness and intimacy that felt genuine and unfiltered. Using flash photography, her images conveyed a sense of authenticity, allowing viewers to truly connect with the emotions and scenes on display.

Every wedding supplier involved became part of the narrative, joining the couple in a dinner scene that felt like a genuine celebration of love and community. An Intimate Soirée is a celebration of couples who dare to be different, who embrace their true selves, and who aren't afraid to challenge tradition.

Wedding Planner & Design: Studio Wedded @studiowedded | Photographer: Cora Neumüller from Emoments Photography @emomentsweddings | Floral Design: Katharina Seidl @kate.s_design | Decoration & Furniture: Nowicki-Events @nowickievents | Hair & Make Up: Anja Oldinski @braut_hair_make_up_hamburg | Wedding Cake & Sweets: Cherrylicious @cherryliciouscp | Stationery: Tatengold @tatengold | Audio Phone: Auguri, Amore! @auguriamore | Models: André Martens @andre_hh_85 + Hannes Krause @hannescrowsi | Outfits: Drykorn @drykorn_forbeautifulpeople | Location: Film Fabrique @filmfabrique_coworking/ 


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