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Designed and made in Los Angeles by designer Macye Wysner, Cinq was created for the bride that connects on an emotional level to her gown. The debut collection boasts five gowns made luxurious fabrics such as crepe back satin, silk tulle, lace, silk wool and silk mesh. The pieces have stunning, intricate details including silk tulle ties and lace straps with fresh water pearls. Each of the five gowns can be styled with contemporary separates including a silk tulle turtleneck, which looks breathtaking under the square neckline of The Sloan or elopement friendly mini The Madelena. Another versatile piece of the collection are the Paige gloves which manage to entirely transform The Elanor and The Daphne two-piece - making this collection a curation of wearable pieces that combine vintage references with modern and sophisticated silhouettes.

"Growing up in the south, there is a pervasive superstition that rests in the air - part history, part mystique - and I became infatuated with it. I wanted my first collection to conjur that spiritual state while still feeling modern. When I was a child, I often played dress up, finding another me in my imagination. Fashion became a sanctuary for me, a place to create stories, a place escape. When I started designing, I wanted to create something that was a part of me that could stand the test of time - to create heirloom pieces that stand between generations. Cinq is the place that I have created, the new escape, the place for my imagination to run free - and my history to be present."

"What does it mean to create a southern mystique? To allow that spiritual superstition to rise to the surface and glow, to align the mystical with the present, and let the craft of the hand read true. There is a history that has to be acknowledged and ideas that have to be rejected to be become contemporary."

Cinq’s debut collection is precisely that, embodying an ethereal dream-like evanescence with a spirit of heritage. The gown’s are delicate and diaphanous, lightly dancing over the body, constructed of layer upon layer of silke tulle and silk wool creating a deeply atmospheric effect. Broomstick pleats pressed into light silk, corsets sinched in satin, feathered tulle flows - one strata over another. The details of this collection speak to a deep understanding of handcraft and a nuanced pairing of materials. And behind the details is the story of Cinq, breathing life into the spirit of the bride.

For centuries human beings have taken part in rituals, marriage being one of the most sacred and coveted. The Cinq bride emanates a unique progressive nostalgia combining vintage silhouettes with modern details. Dressed in a garment that stands as ode to the past poised for the future - detailed to cast a moment into memory, for her. Cinq is available exclusively at Loho Bride.

Photographer : Sophie Berard | Planning : Candice Edinger | HMUA : Phoenix Rose Artistry | Model : Millenea Roman | Venue : Hotel Peter and Paul


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