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Engagement Shoot | Kristin + Isaac


This stunning, minimal engagement shoot of Kristin and Isaac was shot by Kimon Kaketsis in beautiful Santorini. After only two dates and living in different cities, Isaac - who Kristin describes as 'being a romantic dreamer' - decided to ditch his plans of moving to NY to work in the fashion industry, a forever dream of his, to be with Kristin in Toronto. Kristin being the analytical scientist that she is, thought he was crazy for doing so. However, by date 3 they both knew it was a forever kind of thing. The couple have now been together four years and share a love of art, design, fashion and sake.  "Isaac is the yin to my yang, makes every day fun and is forever my fashion inspo."

Kristin and Isaac wanted our engagement shoot to feel different to your traditional posed engagement shoot and authentic to who they are as a couple.  Rather than perfectly staged photos, they wanted them to look almost effortless and both editorial and minimalist - like something you would have as a coffee table book.

They chose Kimon Kaketsis as their photographer due to his talent at capturing the intimate in between moments when it feels like no one is watching as well as the non-traditional beauty of Santorini.

Photographer : Kimon Kaketsis


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