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DESIGNER | Mia Ateliers

Mia Ateliers is a custom made wedding dresses studio situated in Collingwood, Victoria. It aims to create unique, non traditional bridal looks against the ordinary. Mia Ateliers take pride in offering bespoke gowns for brides who value the transformative journey as much as the exquisite result. Focusing on 40 bespoke clients a year, Mia Ateliers ensures an unparalleled experience with undivided focus on each client at their brand new studio.

Tell us about your business!

We are a Melbourne-based wedding dress designer specializing in crafting stunning custom-made wedding gowns. We started the business as a mother and daughter duo, who set out to create dreamy bridal pieces together. I've always been brimming with endless wedding dress ideas, and my talented mom, with her masterful skills, brought those visions to life. And now, as I have a young toddler now, my mom now dedicates her passion to help look after my 2.5-year-old daughter, allowing me to focus on our clients and creative process. As our business flourished, we assembled a small yet dedicated team to ensure every gown receives the utmost care and attention.

When it comes to our brand personality, we exude confidence without the need for loud theatrics. Our brides find us approachable, and I take great pride in understanding their needs and preferences with genuine care. As an introvert, I've come to realize the power of embracing my personality and infusing it into our designs. Our creations are not just about the trends; they are a celebration of longevity, sophistication, and timeless elegance, resonating with each bride on a deeply personal level.

What would you like couples to know about your business?

The creative journey - Our creative journey with our brides is a beautiful and immersive experience, far beyond the final product. We hold a profound connection with our clients, cherishing every moment of this collaborative adventure.

Main clientele - We feel incredibly humbled to have earned the trust of numerous Australian brides, not only from Melbourne but also beyond. We find that our brides often hail from creative industries, including architects, designers, photographers, and fashion buyers, each seeking a gown that reflects their individuality.

Where are your boutiques/stores based?

Our current studio is nestled in the heart of Collingwood, Victoria. However, we're thrilled to share that we'll soon be unveiling a brand new studio, tucked away in a charming laneway just off Gertrude Street, collingwood. It is voted the second coolest street in the world, and will become our haven for creating magical moments.

Tell us about your newest collection!

fabrics - Our design philosophy embraces fabrics as our creative canvas, where we fearlessly use materials not conventionally associated with bridal gowns. Silk taffeta, raw silk, and even Parachute Material Fabric add distinct textures and structure to our ethereal pieces. if you were able to come in and feel the fabric, it will feel like touching the surface of fine ceramic before glazing.

Color - Embracing the unconventional, we take pride in our bespoke gowns that venture beyond the traditional white palette. We've crafted color gowns for daring brides, and those are cherished achievements we hold close to our hearts.

How would you describe your brand's style?

I am a discreet individual, not seeking the spotlight, but rather finding strength in my work. My dedication to our craft and the brides we serve is unwavering. I value munility and prioritize connecting with our clients on a personal level, understanding their needs, and making them feel comfortable throughout their journey.

Brand Personality:

Our brand exudes discretion, humility, and an unyielding passion for creating exceptional bridal gowns. We embody a quiet confidence that resonates with our brides, making them feel heard, valued, and cherished as we bring their dreams to life.

Brand Style:

Our style is an exquisite fusion of pagan-inspired elements, timeless elegance, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of the female body. Drawing inspiration from paganism, we’d like to push boundaries between fashion and bridal in our designs. Yet, our commitment to crafting bridal gowns that stand the test of time celebrates classic silhouettes and intricate details. We take pride in creating gowns that ​​accentuate the uniqueness of each bride.

Embracing the unconventional, we take pride in our bespoke gowns that venture beyond the traditional white palette. We've crafted color gowns for daring brides, and those are cherished achievements we hold close to our hearts.

Tell us about your favourite design!

One of our favorite designs is the exquisite Aqua gown in ash blue, drawing inspiration from the graceful movements of ballerinas. We thoughtfully incorporated the "something blue" tradition, using layers of pleated tulle to create luxurious skirts. The delicate layering technique ensures a mesmerizing grey hue of blue, adding an enchanting touch to this dreamy creation.

Where are your gowns pieces made?

Designed and made with love in Melbourne.

What is a favourite product or service that you offer and why?

It's hard to choose between our bespoke gowns and made-to-order pieces, as we cherish both equally. Designing one-of-a-kind bespoke gowns fuels my creativity and lets me bring dreams to life. Each gown is a story, and I'm thrilled to have the chance to create unique pieces for our brides. On the other hand, our made-to-order gowns allow us to share our designs with a wider audience who appreciates our distinctive style. It's heartwarming to see our creations celebrated by brides all around.

What inspired your latest collection?

Inspiration comes from everywhere: street styles from a foreign country during a trip, a book, a painting.

Harper - a modern twist of a classical gown with a unique drop waist, the rounded neckline make this look modern, while the arch of the seam line of the skirt and the neat frills reminds us of the exquisite details referencing paganism but also the corseted waist of the Victorian period.

Hailey - a luxurious silk and wool blend and it is voluminous. it is timeless while modern, it is elegant while edgy, we love it so much

Olivia - playing with a dramatic silhouette, it is reassembling a tulip upside down, we notice many of our brides were cautious of the lumps and bumps of the lower belly and hip, we thought this is a design to playfully hide those concerns and being creative and chic.

Abbey - uses a white and cream jacquard that plays with fabric and the prints are subtle but adding a point of difference to traditional satin gown.

Who is your dream client?

Our dream client is someone who values unique designs and possesses a clear vision for their wedding day. We find joy in collaborating with like-minded individuals who embrace creativity and seek to curate their wedding with meaningful details. Together with other creative vendors, we're devoted to fulfilling our clients' visions and making their dreams come true.

What is your advice to couples getting married?

When searching for your perfect gown, trust your instincts and follow your heart. Your intuition will lead you to the silhouette that truly resonates with you. Building trust and a strong connection with your vendors is paramount, so take the time to meet in person or via video calls. Feeling the energy and rapport with your vendors will ensure that they understand your likes and dislikes on a deeper level.


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