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D'amour et de Champagne

This whimsical, modern editorial draws inspiration from beautiful European interiors and eclectic Parisian apartments. The team incorporated a mélange of soft palettes, hand-drawn elements, and delicate florals against the juxtaposition of traditional patterned flooring and tiled tabletops.

Alice André Photography and Jade from The Modern Romantic wanted to show couples that an intimate celebration can still be individualised, detailed and sophisticated. Having a similar approach to weddings where quality over quantity is valued, the duo believe in investing in beautiful, quality elements that you and your partner value and appreciate - as well as infusing personal elements into your wedding day to reflect your journey and love story as a couple.

The team chose Vin Populi, a beautiful Italian restaurant at the heart of Fremantle, as the location for their shoot - a space that felt like a little slice of Europe. When it came to styling the tablescape, they leaned heavily on the décor of the restaurant, including many beautiful elements, such as its tiled floors, rustic walls and wooden textures. Complementing their minimalistic styling, were non-traditional dresses from local Perth designers Harriette Gordon and Faith Anderson Bridal - two simple, yet chic looks to encourage brides to step outside of the box.


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