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At The Country Manor

Step into the enchanting world of At The Country Manor, blending old charm with modern styling. Discover the opulent garden setting and minimalistic gowns against ornate backdrops in this beautiful editorial.

Contrasting the historical, architectural features and beautiful cottage garden of the venue with contemporary style, Wedding Planner and Designer Aleksandra Pempeit of The Weddingdesign Studio wanted to play with contradictions, while embracing the charm of the surrounds.

The long table setting in the opulent gardens, included a Cherrylisious cake centrepiece designed to be shared with guests. Decorated with draped flowers in white and greens by Die Florale Werkstatt reminiscent of a spring meadow, the elevated styling by The Weddingdesign Studio also included grapes, pears and artichokes and challenged wedding traditions.

Gowns by Kladek Paris were kept modern and minimal against the ornate backdrop, captured beautifully by Sarah Schöning Photography and Herzensbild.

Wedding Designer & Planner: The Weddingdesign Studio @the_weddingdesign_studio | Photographers: Sarah Schöning Photography @sarah_schoening_photography & Herzensbild @herzensbild | Videography: Herzensbild @herzensbild & Alina Zelenska @alina_zelenska_ | Location: Kultur Gut Hasselburg @kulturguthasselburg | Rentals: The Weddingdesign Studio @the_weddingdesign_studio | Wedding Cakes: Cherrylisious @cherryliciouscp | Couple: Silas & Janina | HMUA: Ankatrin Andresen @ankatrinandresen | Dress: Kladek Paris @kladek_| Jewellery: Amarnam Jewerly @amarnam_accessories | Hair Accessoires: Nuovosi @nuovosi | Shoes: KNNK @knnk_studio | Signs: The Weddingdesign Studio @the_weddingdesign_studio | Flowers: Die Florale Werkstatt @diefloralewerkstatt | Audio Guestbook Phone: Weddyphone @weddyphone | Light, Effects & DJ: DJ für Alle @dj_fuer_alle


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