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At Château Martinay

Château Martinay in Provence, set the perfect scene for this maximalist and coquette editorial. The historical spirit in every detail intertwined with distinctly modern touches.

Three creative minds, Sidonie Vidal, a talented photographer, Naomi Sem an event designer and florist, and Oh Happy Day, a wedding planner, combined their ideas around a unique editorial concept. The trio dreamt of capturing a bride like no other – far from conventional. They envisioned her as whimsical, mischievous and with an untameable zest for life.


The French-style table, set with elegant porcelain and adorned with lush, maximalist floral arrangements of garden roses, hydrangeas, and sweet peas, evoked a sense of grandeur - yet, modernity was never far behind.

The heart of their vision lay in the choice of the bride’s gown, a bold creation from Australian designer Mia Ateliers. Deconstructed and asymmetrical, it broke all traditional codes and perfectly reflected the essence of the anti-bride. The model, chosen for her charisma and daring nature, brilliantly embodied this fusion of times. Her poses, both graceful and assertive, challenged the camera and claimed her space within the ancient castle.


The beauty styling also played on contrasts. The makeup by Alwine Nogier inspired by bygone eras yet executed with modern lightness, complemented a hairstyle reminiscent of Marie-Antoinette, though stripped of its usual artifice.

Everything in this project was thoughtfully considered, so that each detail could tell the story of a 21st-century love story, boldly navigating between past and present. This was the teams vision, brilliantly realised within the confines of a history-rich French château, vibrant with modernity.

Photographer & Co-planner: Sidonie Vidal @sidonievidalphoto | Event Planner: Oh Happy Day @ohhappyday.mariage | Wedding & Floral Design: Naomi Sem @naomi_elodie_villemus | Venue: Château Martinay @chateaumartinay | Gown: Mia Ateliers @miaateliers | Shoes: Amina Muaddi @aminamuaddi | Earrings: Maison Salvat @maisonsalvat | Veil: Paviot Createur @paviotcreateur | HMUA: Alwine Nogier @alwinenogier | Tux: Fabourg Saint Sulpice @faubourgsaintsulpice_mariage | Crockery Rental: Louise Juliette Deco @louisejuliettedeco | Stationery: Cleo Brun @canopee_press | Cake: Les Delices De Gladys @lesdelices2gladys | Videographer: Amour Etc. @amour.etc | Mixologist: Drink Spirated @drinkspirated | Couple: Ophelie @ophelieandre & Edgar @edgargeorgel3


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