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Alba Sculptura | A French Editorial

Keen on arts, Photographer Julie Blin and Wedding Planner Raphaëlle from Permettez-moi wanted to create in a place full of history, to make theirs.

"It was important for us to highlight the know-how of these artisans, in an atmosphere that reflects the artist and their art. What a better place than the one giving life to statues to do so? We naturally turned towards Atelier Lorenzi, which offers us a journey outside of time."

Masters since 1871, Parisian- based Atelier Lorenzi have preserved their craft ever since. The place contains many handmade molds, piled up by thousands and passed on for generations. Amongst a large range of chests, moulded heads, masks and shards, the story of Alba and Livio unfolds. 

"Alba is a mix between the soft innocence, her raw femininity, the blazing red of her hair which intrigue these asleep characters made of cast, her shapes reminding us of the statues of the antiquity. Livio is chased by his own life, and forms a modern and impertinent couple with Alba, a dance in the middle of these familiar sculptures. They fill us with the true story of the workshop : Lorenzi, a glass blower, and a woman, who fell in love during World War II."

Playing with minimalist and warm contrasts, the team staged Alba and Livio in a modern and heady frame, where raw and textured materials meet. The bouquet and the flower crown from Aude Rose, full of romanticism with their dried-up and fresh flowers, embody the bride and the statues. The flower arrangements gently draped, reveals shades of blush and woken up by black stokes, exalt the scenography.

The talented team wanted to create a sensory experience : The awakening of the touch with the textures from CMO Studio, Jeanne Source + By Romance from Pivoines and Love, the range of different ceramics by Eléa Lelimouzin and dishes and chairs by Vaisselle Vintage, as well as the stunning studio pieces - the awakening of vision by the ethereal scenography and the scent of the perfume by L’odoristerie. Above all, an invitation to a journey between artisanship and modernity.

Photographer and Creative DirectorJulie Blin | Wedding PlannerPermettez-moi |

Casting Workshop + Statues : Atelier Lorenzi | Stationery and Illustration : CMO Studio | Florist : Aude Rose | Bride's outfits : Jeanne Source + By Romance from Pivoines and Love | ModelsMarine Cateland et Sylvain | Perfumer L’odoristerie | Ceramics Eléa Lelimouzin | Wedding ring : Paulette à Bicyclette | Make-up artist : Pirate Mua | Jewellery Jeannette Atelier | Hair Stylist : Charline Hairstylist | Nail artist : Venice Salon | Dishes and chairs : Vaisselle Vintage | Caterer : Apéro Cheers | Decoration : Big Day Bazaar | Espadrilles : Bayona


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