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A Desert Romance.

The creative team brought the editorial to life amidst a backdrop of windswept dunes, with J Bennett Design drawing inspiration from the natural landscape, fashion and art. Combining classic details like lotus blossoms, gold accents, and sculptural elements with modern, high-fashion photography by Arielle Teft.

J Bennett Design created coordinating asymmetric floral structures to set in the sand to anchor the editorial, incorporating large statement palm fronds to marry her vision with the landscape.

The stunning ombré silk Carol Hannah Bridal gown with gold and pearl jewellery by Aurum by Gudbjorg is complemented by a lush bouquet of butterfly ranunculus, white lotus, dahlias, roses, black millet, and olive foliage from Wild Arbor Flowers.

Under a blue sky, a bride walks across an untouched desert. She sweeps over the dunes, bouquet in hand, eyes on the horizon as she strides through floral pillars to greet her future.

Concept Design, Styling, Paper Suite, Floral : J Bennett Design @jbennettdesign | Photography : Arielle Teft @arielleteftphotography | Cinematography : Weddings With Motion @weddingswithmotion | Gown + Belt : Carol Hannah Bridal @carolhannahbridal | Model, Makeup + Hair Wrap : Tombi @t_o_m_b_i | Bouquet : Wild Arbor Flowers @wildarborflowers | Engraving : Focus and Light @focus_and_light | Desserts : Milk + Honey @milkandhoneymi | Jewellery : Aurum by Gudbjorg @aurumjewellery | Cosmetics : Kindred Black @kindredblack


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