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WEDDING PLANNER | Array Creative Design

Array Creative Design is a contemporary full service wedding and design studio, based in Santa Barbara, California. Array Creative Design crafts original and authentic weddings worldwide, that are a pure reflection of each couples vision and individuality.

Tell us about your business!

Erika Bellitt (pronouns She/Her) is the studio owner, designer and founder of Array Creative Design. Array Creative Design is a Full Service Planning and Design production team that focuses on creating original and intentional experiences for their clients wedding celebrations. To craft original and authentic weddings, a pure reflection of her client's visions and individuality. Whether orchestrating a lavish California coastal wedding or curating a weekend brimming with once-in-a-lifetime destination experiences, Array thrives on making dreams a reality. With eight years of wedding and event planning experience, Erika's passion for creating stems from the fact that she loves love and takes joy in celebrating the beauty in daily life. Her inspiration is rooted in contemporary art and interiors, with mixture of textured and refined organic accents.

What would you like couples to know about Array Creative Design?

Erika's approach is to always create something intentional and authentic to her couple's own individual style and personality along with weaving elements of their fashion and lifestyle into the weekend experiences. When Erika is not drafting up design concepts or dreaming and collaborating with her creative peers, you can find her hiking in the hills, taking a midday dip in the ocean or visiting the farmer’s market to draw fresh inspiration from seasonal faire.

Where are you based?

Santa Barbara CA.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we love creating all around the world and focus love dreaming up new places for our clients or creating in a location that is special to them.

How would you describe your style?

We love to lean into the contemporary style with a timeless feel by combining textures and refined organic accents. Whether that be introducing bold prints and colors or leaning into layers of earthy tones and luxury elements.

What is your most memorable career moment?

Each event and client is special to us but there are definitely some pinch me moments that have happened throughout my career. Curating a 300 person wedding within four months that included a full build out of a reception space and a majority of guests traveling from across the world was a challenge but came with so much growth for our team and our ability to execute our clients vision with a short window of planning time.

What inspires you?

I draw inspiration from contemporary art and interior aesthetics, along with textured and organic elements. I love to be in nature and surround myself with natural elements of beauty. Interior design always inspires us to bring a personal touch to elements for a wedding day. Getting to know our clients throughout the process is our favorite source of inspiration, as our goal is to always create something that reflects our clients unique style.

What motivates you to do what you do?

This job is very rewarding on so many levels but at the end of the day when our clients have a weekend to remember with their closest friends and family, that’s why we do what we do. We love all the curated moments, the details, and the experiences throughout the day or weekend, but at the end of it all, we love walking away knowing that so many memories and connections were made in all the in-between.

How would you describe your working style?

We love to work in a very collaborative direction with our clients and vendors. By combining logistics and design, we really want to create a process that feels fluid throughout the decision making but also an evolvement in the design and overall feel of our clients events.

Do you have custom packages according to individual needs?

We start with our full service planning and design package and customize it based off of what that event or weekend celebration may look like. We also take into factor where our clients are getting married and all the elements involved with their celebratory weekend.

Where would you love to travel to for work?

We truly have so many amazing destinations on our wish list but the most important part of creating in a destination is the meaning behind that space or the experiences our clients want to introduce to their guests.

Who is your dream client?

Our dream client wants an experience from start to finish, loves an out of the box element with personality and life, leans towards less is more with well curated impactful elements, and is obsessed with interior design and graphic artwork that reads more minimalist with a splash of eclectic and pops of statement colors. They want to be intentional with what they incorporate into their design and day but also want it to be a reflection of who they are both as individuals and as a couple.

What is your advice to couples getting married?

Our biggest advice for any inquiry couple is to take time in the beginning stages of planning to understand what is important to you. We call these non negotiables and find it so much easier to go through the planning system when these have been discussed and defined early on. It also is important to have fun through the decision making and process and create space to just enjoy being engaged.


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