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Vow Renewal | Eve + Austin

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Austin and I are both wedding photographers, dog parents, and best friends living just outside of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. We met a little over five years ago, and have been married for two years. When we got married, we had a very traditional wedding with all our friends and family, and although I loved every bit of our wedding day, part of me always dreamed of an intimate elopement to celebrate our love for one another. We decided that after two years of marriage, it would be special to plan a little getaway to renew our vows with just the two of us.

Why did you decide to have your vow renewals where you did?

As wedding photographers, 2021 has been a crazy year for us with all of 2020's pandemic postponements. In the midst of this busy season, we wanted to take a much needed vacation to relax and recharge by spending time together and away from our normal, hectic lives. Nestled away in the hills of Tennessee, the Loft at Bloomsbury Farms was the perfect combination of scenic, relaxing, and being somewhere new to us both. It was the ideal place for our getaway. In the middle of planning our trip, we thought this would be the perfect time and place to renew our vows and celebrate our relationship, so that's exactly what we did.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your day?

Making this about us and each other, and removing all the extra details of a classic wedding day. This approach to planning is what I always loved about the idea of eloping, so this was exactly what we wanted for a vow renewal. We truly loved every minute of running around the farm with our incredible photographer, Abigail Lewis, and are so happy we took this time to slow down and prioritize our relationship and quality time together.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

I brought my little bag that held my florals throughout the shoot. I had packed the bag full of my own cameras and film to shoot for the remainder of our stay together.

Any tips for couples getting married, particularly during the pandemic?

Your wedding day is a celebration of you, your partner, and the love that you share, so plan your day for you. Whether you're dreaming of a more traditional wedding weekend with all your friends and family, running away and eloping, or anything in between, do what makes your heart the happiest.

Photographer + Videographer : Abigail Lewis @abigaillewisphoto | Ceremony Location : The Loft at Bloomsbury Farm @bloomsburyfarmevents | Flora : Wild Rose Studio | Vow Books : Ciarra Claire @ciarraclaire | Dress : Reformation @reformation | Rings : Cachet Fine Jewelry

@cachetjewelry | Shoes : Zappos @zappos


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