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Real Wedding | Weixin + Yufan

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

In 2020, something happened in life that made us think we’d have to do long distance very soon (Asia-US across-the-world kind of long-distance), that’s when it hit us how much we did not want to be apart and how much deeper this relationship was than we realized. So we started to talk about marriage and really started to see our future together.

One weekend, many months after we talked about marriage, Yufan took Weixin on a camping trip, tricking her into thinking it was just a simple weekend away and she 100% bought the story. The next day, Yufan proposed under an oak tree. There were farm animals, a bonfire, family and a sky full of stars. It was a complete surprise and a huge success.

We got married officially at Beverly Hill City Hall in 2022 and decided to celebrate our marriage with friends and family this year.

How many guests did you have?

Around 120.

What was your budget?

60k but it ended up being around 70k.

Tell us about your outfits.

Weixin: In the beginning, I wanted to be different, just like everyone else, and looked everywhere for non-traditional wedding dresses – non-white, short ones, you name it. But it took me so long at one point I had to decide. I made an appointment with Monique Lhuillier, and promised myself I would say yes that day to one dress - and I did. It actually turned out great and really felt like myself so I consider it a lucky coincidence that I went to Monique that day and met the dress.

Yufan: The zeitgeist of our wedding was to be unique and fun. Growing up unfamiliar with the culture of suits and ties, I only had one business casual suit for conferences before the wedding. For once (at my wedding), I chose to get myself a customized formal black suit with a fun patterned inner-lining to show some class and my inner child at the same time. I also never tried a bow tie, so I got one for the wedding as well. Apparently my outfit turned out to be great, I think.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

To have fun, to be ourselves. We strived to remove boundaries, formalities, and rules, hoping our guests and family would truly enjoy the celebration.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

We wanted the wedding to feel personal, eclectic, fun, and be as ecological as possible, and we wanted our guests to enjoy it too.

We picked vendors that represented who we are – live bands, magic, Asian fusion catering food, cakes that we love but do not look like wedding cakes. In our case, we prioritized the budget on experiences like food, music and alcohol. And for the wedding itself, we just did whatever we felt like doing: we arranged cocktails before the ceremony, and took shots during the ceremony (also as a part of tradition).

There was no officiant, no first look, no first dance, no toasts, only two speech from our fathers and

a video clip from our families. But everything else was so organically connected that there was no awkward moment at all. We actually threw ourselves a gigantic party.

We put a lot of efforts into details and surprises for our guests. To add creativity wherever we can and reduce one-time waste and costs, we chose the wedding venue at Millwick, which already had lots of greenery and potentials for variety of installations.

We incorporated origami paper flowers and paper planes as our main decoration. We also chose to use

compostable plates for our dessert.

Since both of us enjoy crafting, we had many DIY projects: a 3.5’x3.5’ wooden LED panel box that changes light with hand motions, DIY drinking menu, dinner menu, welcome sign, wedding timeline, seed paper table signs, a vintage telephone guest book, a wedding arch full of paper planes, and a

mini-game with a deck of poker cards that all the attendees would draw at the sign-in.

Any tips for couples getting married?

Weixin: Rest well before the big day. I wish I had more energy and 10 more sense organs to just feel more of the day.

Yufan: True. Also getting married means you are a team now. Two tips from me: 1. Plan the wedding early and just do a little every week, don’t let the stress ruin the true nature of wedding - a celebration. Think of it as a “fun” couple activity that you both do on a weekly basis. 2. Definitely hire a coordinator!

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

Shout out to Emily Klarer, our photographer and Melissa from Blue Moon Event Planning. These two brought so much positive energy into our wedding and are simply amazing human beings. we’d throw another wedding just to get together with them again!

Photographer : Emily Klarer @emilyklarerphotography | Videographer : Spin the Dial Films

@spinthedialfilms | Ceremony + Reception Location : Millwick @millwick_dtla | Day of Co-ordinator: Melissa of Blue Moon Event Planning @bluemooneventplanning | Flora : DIY handmade paper flowers | Entertainment : The Dart Collective @dartcollective, Magic + Cocktails @magicandcocktails, Party Animal Game Rentals LLC, Michael Jackson 3 Legends + Fotoboothplus @fotoboothplus | Rentals : Vini’s Party Rentals @vinispartyrentals | HMUA : Fennie Lin @fennielin_hairandmakeup | Catering +

Beverages : Hungry Bear @hungrybearcatering | Cake : AMCC Sweet Time | Wedding Dress : Monique Lhuillier @moniquelhuillier | Engagement Ring : Jewelry by Johan | Wedding Rings : XIV Karats | Shoes : 7 or 9 | Earrings : HeFang


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