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Real Wedding | Tara + Charles

Tell us a little about yourselves!

We could not be more opposite in many ways, Tara has a background in art, design and psychology, and does marketing and creative production for a living, while Charles is an expert at business strategy and real estate investment banking.

Our foundation, however could not be more aligned. We met in a yoga studio and embarked on a journey of discovering just how much our souls connected. We love nature and believe the gift of this life is best spent working toward spiritual growth. When it came to our wedding, we knew we wanted  something uncompromisingly authentic. Which for us meant both untraditional and traditional - and  completely intimate.  

We split the occasion into two celebrations - the first was a celebration with 30 of our closest friends in the middle of the desert under a full harvest moon. Think extreme camp vibes, with a dash of festival, and a large serving of magic. For the second celebration, we set out to counteract the desert dust and honor our families, with a small black tie affair.

Why did you decide to get married  where you did?

Charles grew up on a working alpaca ranch in Hillsborough OR. His parents have since turned the  property into the most stunning array of gardens, filled with cottages for picturesque stays. There are still alpacas there though! The property has become one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the  region.

It is terribly bitter sweet to think of this property leaving the family, as it is getting sold, and we wanted to honor where Charles and his siblings grew up and add to the memories with the promise of our forever. 

How many guests did you have?

We kept this immediate family only. Parents and siblings and partners.  My mum and the Charles' dad officiated the ceremony together. 

What was your budget?

For such a small affair, we didn’t really have one. We just wanted every detail to feel considered, and  delightful. 

Tell us about your outfits.

I went for a timeless but contemporary low back slip dress from LOHO Bride in LA. I wanted the  simplicity to let everything else sing.  And I also chose flat shoes!  

Charles went for an Armani white tuxedo jacket with heirloom mother of pearl cufflinks that had belonged to the my grandfather.

What was the most important aspect  for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

The symbolism, the authenticity, and the details. We wanted this occasion to truly honor the merging of two families. It  was important to us that each family member had a part it it. 

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate? 

We have found our spirituality from two different backgrounds, and we wanted to honor that. Getting  married under a Chuppah was important, we also ended up doing that in the Tranquility garden on the  property with was designed with elements alluding to a church. 

Any tips for couples getting married?

Even if you are planning the wedding yourselves, hire a day of coordinator! It is the one thing I wish we would have done. Would  have saved use stress and lightened the burden on our family members.  

Also, find yourself an incredible  photographer, like Lukas Korynta. Someone whose art form you  completely trust and someone who is just a wonderful person to be around. They will be part of your big day and add to the memories in so many ways.

Are there any vendors that you  would like to tell us a little more  about?

Personal Chef, Rafi Levy made our  gourmet dreams come true! We also  want him to be a part of our family  now. His Argentine and Middle Eastern roots have given him a  relationship with food that is  

intertwined with family and love and you can taste it with every bite and  every interaction.  


And again, cannot speak highly  enough of our photographer Lukas Korynta, and the Super 8 film addition from his delightful wife Grace Korynta. I wanted to create art though this event and their documentary style capture did just that, and so much more. I was anticipating beautiful photos, but was I wasn’t expecting  was to be guided though organic nuanced moments as I flipped  though the selects. Nothing posed or cringe about it. We received the gift of elegant timeless memories though Lukas' art!

PhotographerLukas Korynta @lukaskorynta | VideographerGrace Korynta @lukaskorynta | Ceremony + Location : Oakwood Gardens @oakwoodgardens | Planning + Styling : by the Bride | Flora :Mother of the Bride | Makeup : Carly Gerstlauer @thebeautyeditandco | Hair : by the Bride | Catering : Personal Chef Rafi Levy @theportlandchef | Cake : Mother of the Bride | Stationery

Oblation Paper Press @oblationpapers | DressLOHO Bride @loho_bride | Engagement + Wedding Rings: Packouz Jewlers @packouzjewelers | Other Jewellery : Family Heirlooms


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