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Real Wedding | Madeleine + Sean

Tell us about yourselves!

We are high school sweethearts who’ve been together for 10 years. To honor our 10th anniversary, we decided to elope at Chicago City Hall. We both grew up in Chicago, and we live here now with our beloved cat, Flint.

Why did you decide to get married where you did? 

We chose City Hall because we really wanted the day to focus on the simplicity and beauty of our love for each other rather than an extravagant party. We are lucky to live in a beautiful city with such a grand wedding venue for the public, so we took advantage of that luxury.

How many guests did you have? 

Including us, there were 6 people present! We invited our two best friends and our moms.

What was your budget? 


Tell us about your outfits.

I wore a beautiful dress and shoes from Anthropologie, Sean wore a  black Ralph Lauren suit with black velvet loafers from Steve Madden. I luckily found her dress on my first shopping trip, and immediately fell in love with the trail of buttons all the way down the train. A full leg slit allowed my blue satin kitten heels to pop out throughout the day. I also donned a cape that pulled together a classic, elegant look for the chilly November weather.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding? 

For us, the most important aspect of planning was keeping it as stress free as  possible, while focusing completely on our bond with one another. We ate our favorite foods, celebrated with our dearest friends and family, and went to bed by 11pm. Perfect day.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

The most important thing for both of us was having our mothers present. We were  both raised by our moms, and their support on our wedding day was so special, especially in such an intimate setting. Second most important element - Heritage Caviar Bar oysters!  With caviar on top!

Any tips for couples getting married? 

Do what you want. It’s easy to compare your wedding to others, or to feel societal and familial pressures. However, the day should come down to how you two feel about each other, and your promise to spend your lives together. Such a precious day should be spent however you like!

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

We were so lucky that one of our closest friends, Bradley Moss, is a  wonderfully talented wedding photographer. And I’m (Madeleine) so lucky that his partner Mary is my best friend. Brad shot our wedding with grace, patience, and love. Mary has years of experience working alongside Brad, and the two of them made our day run so smoothly.

Photographer: Bradley Moss @bradley_moss | Ceremony Location: Chicago City Hall |

Reception Location: Heritage Caviar Bar @heritage_chicago | Celebrant: Judge Corrine Heggie  | Flora: Trader Joe’s @traderjoes | Hair + Makeup: by Madeleine | Catering + Beverages: Heritage Caviar Bar @heritage_chicago  | Stationery: by Madeleine | Wedding Dress + Heels: Anthropologie @anthropologieweddings | Suit: Ralph  Lauren @ralphlauren | Madeleine’s Cape: Silver Moon @silvermoonchicago | Engagement Ring: Ivy & Rose @ivyandrosevintage | Sean's Shoes: Steve Madden @stevemadden | Butterfly Bouquet Pin: Vintage from Madeleine's Grandmother | Necklace + Earrings: Madeleine's mothers from her own wedding day


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