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Real Wedding | Krystal + Nick

Krystal and Nick wanted anything but a conventional wedding. This couple got married at The Anchored Inn bar in Brooklyn New York.  'Nick and I were committed to making our wedding day simply about us, and from the get-go that meant it would be unconventional. A lot of the traditional norms that we've seen in most of the weddings we've attended just didn't make sense for us, and we couldn't justify the crazy cost of it all either.' The four essential factors for this couple were good food, good people, good music and good vibes. They figured that money couldn't buy 2/4 of those things, so they splurged on a great DJ - Dj Phi Unit and Eddies Pizza Truck and their photographer turned friends from Chellise Michael Photography. Krystal and Nick wanted a rowdy, sweet-summer-sweaty, dance-til-you-drop, dive-bar party, and that's just what they had.

The advice they have for anyone planning a wedding : 'This is the best day of YOUR lives. Don't overdo it, don't create too much work or stress for yourselves and most importantly - don't forget to enjoy all of the moments.' 


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