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Real Wedding | Jacqueline + Tierney

Tell us a little about yourselves!

We matched on Hinge in 2018 and had our first date at a bar in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan shortly thereafter. Jacki wasn’t expecting any relationship and in fact was trying to avoid one, but Tierney patiently persisted and Jacki got tired of trying to avoid the fact that she really liked her.

We share a love of classical music, crossword puzzles, and just lazing on the couch watching TV after a long day of work (it helps that we have the same taste in content).

Tierney works as a Senior Account Manager at a market research company, and Jacki is a working documentary photographer and Adjunct Professor at a few universities.

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

We considered getting married in New York, which would be the closest to home for us and most of our families. It was a difficult decision but ultimately getting married on her parent’s property on Block Island was always what Jacki had envisioned, and was an incredibly beautiful and meaningful place to say ‘I do.’

How many guests did you have?


What was your budget?

The starting budget was around $50K. We surpassed that number pretty quickly.

Tell us about your outfits.

Jacki found dress shopping quite intense - it was a struggle to find anything that felt right. It was when she ended up going to Kyha that she was able to relax. She wavered between a few dresses but ultimately the Banks was the one. It was strapless and open on the top, full and long on the bottom and had this funky sleeve that added something a little different. Her reception dress was Taylor Swift-inspired, sparkly with fringe.

Tierney had a much better idea of what she wanted to look like. Her experience consisted of a lot of research, and then ordering a few options, picking the size closest to her measurements, and tailoring for a more custom fit. She wore just the blazer and slacks for the ceremony, and added a matching vest for the reception.

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

We made sure to agree on our main priorities first. The top three were always having a live band, inviting as many friends and loved ones as we could, and location. We were so blessed that so many of our guests were able to make it out to the island, which requires a ferry - luckily there were calm seas on the days our guests were traveling.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

Jacki wanted to make sure there was a creative hand in every aspect of the wedding. From the paper quality of the invitations, to the amazing designs Orfeo Tagiuri did for our matchbox favors, to our incredibly talented musicians and the most wonderful photographer.

Any tips for couples getting married?

Our first tip is to talk alone - there will be a lot of opinions flying around you from the moment you start planning, so make sure to check in on how each other feels about those things one-on-one.  Our second - stick together. We barely left each others’ side, and we are so grateful we committed to that.  Now when we look back on it, we have one shared memory that we can reminisce about.

We got lucky and were on the same page about the big things that mattered to us.  Concessions were made and at times it could be stressful, but we had each other and weathered the inevitable storms together.

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

We tried hard to use as many local vendors and friends and family as we could. Everyone we worked with was fantastic.

We want to give a special shout out to our wedding planner Kayley Boucher, who worked so hard to make everything run seamlessly. She remained calm, cool and collected no matter what was thrown her way. She is just starting out and has such a great temperament for this work. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Our amazing photographer Reni of Deon and Reni spent the entire weekend with us and was such a delight to work with. Reni has a natural grace to photographing that shows through the work. When we look at the images, they’re so tender and honest to the moment. Jacki wanted images that looked like home and Reni’s very much do.

Our kick-ass band Fever had everyone dancing the entire time. They are great musicians, had the best selection of music to choose from, and brought an energy we’ve never experienced at a wedding before. Our aunts, mothers, and friends sourced all the flowers from the island (with much help from local florist Cariona Davis). Our families and friends helped tremendously with setting up the space, running supplies back and forth, painting signs - you name it, our loved ones did it.

Last but far from least, our wonderful neighbors Cole and Kathy are the ones who made the whole wedding possible by graciously lending us their front yard for the reception.

Photographer: Reni of Deon and Reni @deon.and.reni | Ceremony Location: Jacki’s Parent’s Home on Block Island | Reception Location: Neighbors House on Block Island | Celebrant: Town Councilman of Block Island (and Neighbor): Sven Risom + close friend’s husband Will Boyle | Entertainment: Fever Band @fever_band | Styling: Brides + Family | Planner: Kayley Boucher @coordinancek | Hire: Block Island Party Rentals: Sean Kivlehan | Flora: Friends and family | Bouquets: Cariona Davis | Makeup: Grace Sewell for Jacki, Friend for Tierney @gracesewellmakeup | Hair: Koru Spa for Jacki, Friend for Tierney | Catering + Beverages: Kimberly’s Catering | Cake: Aldos Bakery @aldosbakeryblockisland | Stationery: Sesame Letterpress @sesameletterpress | Matchbox Favour Design: Orfeo Tagiuri @orfeot | Table Numbers: Drawn by Jacki | Jacki's Dress: Kyha 'Banks' @kyhastudios | Veil: Thrifted by Jacki’s Aunt | Tierney's Outfit: Suit Shop @suitshopofficial + vest from Little Black Tux  | Engagement Ring : Diamond Castle @diamondcastle1196 (Jacki) + Tierney: Populent @populent | Wedding Rings: Diamond Castle @diamondcastle1196 | Shoes: St. John’s Bay (Tierney) + Dolce Vita (Jacki) | Jacki's Pearl Ring: heirloom from her Great Aunt | Reception Attire: Retrofete (Jacki) + Tierney: Little Black Tux


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