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Real Wedding | Catherine + Ben

Catherine and Ben met at university, have been together for eight years and are both copywriters. The couple actually got legally married in the USA, where they live before before they left for Santorini. Ben’s mother died suddenly a couple months before their scheduled wedding date, so they cancelled everything and got married at the local courthouse instead. and chose to have photos taken in Santorini, Greece. Their day was captured by Days Made of Love.

We felt it was really important to share their story, particularly in these current times, as a we love the way they celebrated their marriage in a way that was meaningful to them - without having a traditional celebration.

Doing a wedding photo shoot in Santorini allowed Catherine and Ben to have the beautiful pictures they always dreamed of, without needing to have the big destination wedding to go with it. Catherine wanted a more casual look for the day and Ben wore a suit he already owned. Catherine had a simple bouquet from Betty Flowers Santorini.

What was important to Catherine and Ben? "To plan as little as possible! It was never really about a “big day” for us. Our wedding drinks were 2 for 3 Euro beers we picked up at a bodega during a lull in the photo shoot. Our reception food was pizza we came across in town. Our music was individual Spotify playlists we each slowly built out in the months leading up to the day."

The one tradition that they stuck with is that Catherine didn’t let Ben see the dress beforehand. " I have no idea why! It just seemed important." Their advice to couples getting married? "Do whatever you want! Don’t let anyone else’s expectations define what your wedding day becomes."

Location : Santorini, Greece (some shots taken at Kapari Natural Resort); Photographer : Days Made of Love; Flora : Betty Flowers Santorini; Rings : Vrai


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