Real Wedding | Alyssa + Marcus

Alyssa and Marcus met in 2014 on Instagram in St. Louis, and almost immediately started spending a lot of time together. "We moved in together the year after while Alyssa finished school, and in 2016 we started a multidisciplinary design studio together called Visitor Assembly. We have been working and living together since, and love that we get to collaborate on a holistic level. We’re both passion advocates for the city of St. Louis, and feel really honored to have made lifelong friendships and connections together in our city. We share so many interests— music, books, interior design, all forms of visual art, coffee, food, traveling, and our dog James. Our lives have been completely entwined for such a long time that marriage felt very natural for us — it felt like a celebration of what we have built together."

This first time the couple met, they took photos at a park and have been exploring parks together since. "When the pandemic hit, we wanted to choose an outdoor location that was ethereal, but easy for our small group of guests to get to. Klondike Park is one of our favorite local parks, located just outside of St. Louis. It’s a dramatic setting— the white sand, unique flora, and bluffs overlooking the Missouri river made our day feel cinematic and sentimental."