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Real Wedding | Alix-Rose + Ryno

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Ryno is a designer and Alix-Rose is a photographer and writer. We live in Cape Town, South Africa. We met at a club on Hope street called EVOL (love backwards) in 2006 and have been together ever since. We love food, music and having friends over for lounge parties which have evolved to dinner parties as we’ve grown up. Ryno proposed with a floor picnic in our empty flat before we moved in.

Why did you decide to get married where you did?

We’d initially planned a city wedding in April 2020 which had to be postponed due to the pandemic. We ended up getting married just the two of us at a hotel in September 2020 but always wanted the big party with our families and friends. When we started planning again, we went back to one of Ryno’s ideas to have a backyard wedding, but since we live in an apartment we had to outsource! Embassy Hill is the ultimate backyard. The team there went above and beyond.

How many guests did you have?


Tell us about your outfits.

Ryno bought his suit from Tiger of Sweden. Local designer Nadya von Stein made Alix’s dress - it was hanging in the cupboard for two years while we waited for our big day! Alix’s earrings were a custom creation by friend Katherine-Mary Pichulik from local brand Pichulik. Our wedding bands were a gift from another friend and jewellery designer Megan Fogarty. Alix’s brother James (in the textile business) sent her the tulle for her veil for another friend, Faye to sew. Alix’s aunt and godmother Brenda embroidered the initials of the women in her family into the lining of her dress. Alix is proud to have sewed her own embellished socks!

What was the most important aspect for you, in terms of planning your wedding?

The ceremony was really important to us because it was an opportunity to have our friends and families witness us ‘getting married’ which we didn’t get to do when we eloped. Ryno’s mom Jenny walked him down the aisle. Alix’s family walked her down the aisle and her sister Amber was her bridesmaid. We incorporated our mothers and a few close friends who we’ve known for years into the ceremony to do blessings and later speeches. All the guests collectively made vows to us as we did to each other. Thomas Reisenberger designed and officiated the ceremony for us, and his mother Tzili, officially married us in 2020. Having dear friends who travelled from far to be with us was the cherry on top.

Were there any elements that were important for you to incorporate?

The music! Alix walked down the aisle to Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Maps’ which we loved when we were first dating. Our first dance was to Alanis Morisette ‘Head over Feet’. We made a playlist for the dance party. (Ryno and his best man Marco used to DJ). In terms of the decor, we wanted every element to feel like us and we really relished the creative expression it allowed and had fun with it. We found joy in all the little things like the fanned napkins, the rose-shaped soaps for gifts and the ribbons in the trees along the garden path. Alix does a lot of props styling within her photography and she designed the tables and all the family helped to set them.

Any tips for couples getting married, particularly during the pandemic?

Do it your own way - whatever that is! Have fun.

Are there any vendors that you would like to tell us a little more about?

The cakes by Emily Robertson from Egg and Shoulders were one of the things we were most excited about for our initial wedding plan that we brought into this one. We still think about her carrot cake. Emily also made the wild bread sculptures/candlestick holders which were previously commissioned for a shoot. All the vendors are long-time collaborators from past (and future!) shoots so everything felt really friendly, familiar and also inspiring.

Storm Ross is the Style Editor of House and Leisure who reignited her floral styling career for one night only. She and Marolize Southwood (an amazing artist) did an incredible job with the ceremony ribbon flags (inspired by a Loewe runway show); and the flowers - including tracking down the large ceramic swan pot plant. Storm found marigolds growing outside of a car dealership and nabbed a few for Alix’s bouquet as they are a favourite. The room smelled of fresh garden roses.

Rebecca and Bruce from Love Made Visible took the most beautiful photographs - they’ve been with us on quite a journey as they also photographed our elopement and were our legal witnesses. Thank you!

Photographer : Love Made Visible @lovemadevisible | Ceremony Location : The Forum | Embassy Hill @theforumcompany | Celebrant : Thomas Reisenberger | Flora : Storm Ross @_storm_ross from Holloway @holloway_za assisted by Marolize Southwood @marolizesouthwood | HMUA : Amori Birch

@thatsamoribridal | Cake + Bread Candlestick Holders : Emily Robertson from Egg and Shoulders @eggnshoulders | Alix-Rose's Dress : Nadya von Stein @nadyavonstein | Ryno's Suit : Tiger of Sweden | Engagement + Wedding Rings : Megan Fogarty | Earrings : Pichulik @pichulikafrica


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