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The Lovers Co. is a full-service Queenstown, New Zealand based elopement team offering personalised wedding support, including photography, videography, floral design, styling, hair and makeup, private chefs, helicopters and more!

Tell us about The Lovers Co.!

We create tailored elopement plans and custom wedding designs that bring together everything you need for the wedding experience you want. You don’t have to plan everything, book separate vendors, or coordinate your own elopement. You will be surrounded by Lovers and artists who already know exactly what you’ve been dreaming and how to make it happen, with the same, consistent luxury aesthetic throughout.

What would you like couples to know about The Lovers Elopement Co.?

Our Destination: Lovers experience will be the easiest destination experience you’ve ever had. You’ll have our best resources at your fingertips as well as our local knowledge, vendor relationships, and combined 20 years of expertise so you can enjoy our favourite unique experiences, stay at the venues we’d choose, and explore the untouched New Zealand that we love.

Where are you based?

The Lovers Co. team is based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes we love to travel and explore new destinations for our couples. We travel all over the South Island and the North Island of New Zealand. It is a small country with such diverse locations and landscapes.

How would you describe your style?

We believe our couples have a unique aesthetic and intentional, artistic style. You don’t want your best friend’s bouquet, your grandmother’s wedding pictures, or that same elopement plan the couple before you had. Your love story is your love story, and The Lovers help bring your vision to life.

Intuitive Floral Design - we understand our couples personalities, preferences and love story and translate these elements into their florals.

Sophisticated And Timeless Perspective - we bring an elegant and un-everyday approach to wedding design with attention to details and a keen sense of aesthetics, ensuring a luxurious, timeless and stylish atmosphere.

Unscripted Imagery - Candid moments with genuine emotions and spontaneous interactions reflecting our couples unique journey in a natural and unposed manner.

Elevated Modern Flair - Incorporating a modern flair with updated current design trends and contemporary editorial approach in our visual storytelling to create a compelling narrative - think glossy magazine vibes.

What is your most memorable career moment?

When destiny brought us, Floral Designer Gypsy and Photographer Dawn, together on a styled shoot in 2016, we knew we had found the perfect business partner to create weddings that would challenge societal norms for lovers who wanted to make their own traditions. We have never looked back!

What inspires you?

Our beautiful country with its breathtaking natural beauty, art, design, travel and exceeding our couples expectations of what is possible to experience on their wedding day. We get so excited by this!

What motivates you to do what you do?

Ultimately, the happiness of our couples is not just a motivation; it's the heartbeat of our business. Our team's dedication to making their dreams come true not only defines our collective but also creates such a positive impact on the lives of our couples. This care and passion is what transforms weddings from events into extraordinary, love-filled celebrations.

How would you describe your working style?

At The Lovers Co, our working style is defined by passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to creating intimate elopement experiences that resonate with the hearts of the couples we serve. We achieve this through a truly personalised approach; attention to the details that matter; creative innovation and a collaborative spirit. We couldn’t do what we do without the talented local vendors and partners we have aligned with.

Do you shoot digitally, on film or both?

We shoot digitally and also include a roll or two of film for those spontaneous, candid and perfectly imperfect moments. Our couples love receiving these more behind the scenes moments of their day in a tangible way.

Do you have custom packages according to individual needs?

We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to packages. Instead we understand that every love story is unique. That's why we offer personalised elopement packages tailored to our couples needs and desires. Our custom elopement packages are designed to create a seamless, stress-free, and unforgettable experience that reflects our couples one of a kind love story.

What is a favourite product or service that you offer and why?

So many! Here are a few of our current fav experiences:

- Gypsy creating ceremony florals on a mountain top.

- A beautifully styled tablescape for two with hand selected linens, candles and florals.

- A private chef and cocktail maker for a delicious, unforgettable intimate long table dinner followed by a DJ and a saxophone player.

Where would you love to travel to for work?

Anywhere new! We spend a lot of time finding new and unique locations in Queenstown and further afield. We dream of one day working in Europe which serves as the style inspiration for many of our elopements.

Who is your dream client?

Our dream elopement client is a couple who shares a deep appreciation for the intimacy, romance, and uniqueness that elopements offer. They are adventurous souls who want their love story to unfold in a beautiful, natural setting. They desire a wedding day that reflects their unique personalities and love story, and they appreciate creative touches and personalization.

They prefer an intimate celebration with a small circle of close family and friends, or perhaps even a private ceremony for just for the two of them. They cherish meaningful connections and want everyone present to have a significant role in their lives and lastly they prioritise the experience over tradition or formalities. They want their elopement day to be a memorable experience, filled with love, joy, and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

How do you select music for your films?

Choosing the perfect song for a wedding film is a fun, but a tricky process. Sometimes it takes just a few hours to find the ideal track, while other times it can extend over weeks and multiple timelines trialling different songs.

We always make sure that every song chosen aligns with the couple's unique personalities, but also matches the emotions captured in the footage. Our top concern is avoiding a cheesy wedding film, so any hint of cheesiness gets rejected straight away. Music has the power to set the tone for the entire film, it heightens emotions and pulls the story along, it makes you feel happy, sad and even happy-sad. So while it can be one of the challenging parts of being a wedding videographer, it’s also one of the most important.

What is your advice to couples getting married?

Share your vision, trust the process, embrace the intimacy, focus on the experience, personalise your vows, prepare for the weather, plan a celebration and relax and enjoy!


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