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PHOTOGRAPHER | Hannah Rosser

With an eye for unposed, in-between moments and a heart that feels the depths of time, Hannah Rosser captures mysterious, delirious and intoxicating love in a way that’s unique to each of of her couples. Honouring all the magical moments of a wedding day, Hannah Rosser captures the stories that will be told time and time again through her photographs.

What would you like couples to know about Hannah Rosser Photography?

I'm a destination wedding photographer who prioritizes capturing organic moments, authentic storytelling, and the unfiltered emotions throughout a wedding day! I find it such a profound honor to document one of the most important days in a couple's life that will never get old. I'm often told that I bring a sense of calmness that provides peace to couples in the midst of chaos on wedding days. I love the versatility of the kind of couples I get to work with; I shoot both backyard weddings and huge, over-the-top luxury weddings as long as the couple shares the desire for my documentary, raw, creative approach over a curated, posed, and perfected wedding day. With an eye for unposed, in-between moments and a heart that feels the depths of time, I’m here to capture this mysterious, delirious, intoxicating thing we call love in a way that’s unique to your relationship.

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! As of now, about 50% of my weddings are international and 50% are within the USA. I consider Raleigh, North Carolina to be my home, but I am thrilled to be heading to Thailand, Italy, and Hawaii next year so far.

How would you describe your style?

The HRP signature style embodies the romantic, nostalgic feel of Old-Hollywood cinema with the authenticity of documentary film all at once. The photos you see are a blend of intentional composition, creative rule-bending, and timeless elegance. You will notice a look of flash, blur, and grain without compromising the honest expression of your personality or infringing on a candid moment. HRP's work infuses characteristics that are unique to you, honoring every relationship through storytelling direction and sophisticated artistry.

What is your most memorable career moment?

One of my couples got married in Lake Como, Italy at Villa Balbianello and rented two boats for a few hours, one of which my husband drove as I captured the couple from afar. It truly felt like a dream with the grandiose mountains, boats made of wood, and the iconic villas in the background. It was such a "pinch me" kind of day because we got to spend so much 1:1 time with our couple from sunrise to sunset exploring the streets, the lake, and the villa together!

What inspires you?

Old movies, our backyard garden, deep conversations, fashion, the love my husband shows me daily, documentaries, and music.

Do you shoot digitally, on film or both?

I am a hybrid photographer who shoots both digital and 35mm film. I also shoot super 8 film videos as well!

Do you have custom packages according to individual needs?

Yes! I offer base packages and several add-on options to accommodate those that are emphasizing just one day and for those that are creating entire wedding weekend experiences for their guests.

What motivates what you do?

As someone who grew up in a family that often forgot to take photos, I now deeply wish I had photos to remember our family adventures, vacations, and small meaningful moments in our home. I, however, remembered that my parents had never before seen footage from their camcorder which I then took to have developed. Recently, my immediate family watched the scenes together and laughed, cried, and rejoiced. My favorite scenes included my grandparents who are no longer with us. I had never seen a video of my sister and I as children, and to relive some of our life's most precious moments together was absolutely priceless. This is exactly why I care so deeply about the art that I create and the couples I work with. Your wedding allows you to bring together all of the people that have impacted you, raised you, cared about you, and been there for you on both your best days and hardest days, and I cherish being the one to capture such lovely memories. It's a celebration of a union that's better together than apart and the wedding weekend is often described as a blur, which is why I make sure to capture those fleeting moments. I adore my job because it allows me to bring joy to so many couples!

Where would you love to travel to for work?

On my list are Bali, Hawaii, Morocco, Iceland, Patagonia, Egypt, Bora Bora, Switzerland, and Alaska.

Who is your dream client?

Couples who are fashion forward, over the moon excited to be getting married, trusting of the creative process, and intentional about their venue of choice as it will hold their memories from one of the biggest days of their lives.


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