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PHOTOGRAPHER | Dias De Vino Y Rosas

Cecilia, Nieves and Aida from Dias De Vino Y Rosas bring a luxury feel to their elegant and editorial style photography and capture couples in a natural and spontaneous way. Based in Asturias and Basque Country, Spain Dias De Vino Y Rosas travel worldwide and have photographed weddings in countries including Portugal, France, Morocco and Mexico and Columbia.

Tell us about your business!

We're three female photographers, Cecilia, Nieves and Aida. We have worked together for almost ten years now and truly, deeply love what we do! Our main work is weddings, though we also shoot family portraits and other events. Our brand has always been intertwined with the fashion world - we love it and we’ve been shooting fashion campaigns for different brands almost since we began in the industry. We’ve work for Zara, Mango, Quicksilver and other brands, and also published in Vogue, Traveler, AD and other media. It shows in our work, our love for fashion and our background in a more stylish kind of photography, which blends organically with the more documentary side of wedding photography. We’re often contacted by brides working in the fashion industry, which is a great match for us!

How would you describe your style?

Elegant, emotional, romantic, timeless. With an attentive eye on the details. We strive to capture the emotional moments between the couple and their families and friends, and also to create beautiful imagery with the elements of their day. Our galleries are full of very different photographs all tied up by our visual style: we love shooting the stills during the previous moments, but we adore getting that hug with the grandmother, that teary smile of the proud father, those laughs from the best friends.

We also love mixing digital with film. We used to shoot film for our personal diaries and work, and now we do it at our weddings too. We find our digital edition in perfect rhythm with our film photography!

Where are you based?

We live in the north of Spain: two of us in Asturias and the other one in San Sebastian. But we love shooting weddings in every corner of the world! We’re in love with the North, with its light, its beaches, its mountains. Picture us taking a moment for us between editing sessions just to close our eyes and feel the wind while walking our beloved coasts.

How long have you been photographers?

Though we’ve always loved photography, we had other careers until we started in the business in the early 2010s. We met in 2013 and have worked together since then. So many experiences together, so many intense seasons behind us!

What motivates you to do what you do?

This is a cliché answer but it is the truth: we love weddings. It’s so rewarding to capture real moments, real emotions and real people. It’s so inspiring when we arrive at a new venue and everything is just how we like it: a nervous but happy couple, a room full of beauty and love. We always talked about how sometimes, as the season goes on and we get a bit tired, we feel like we can’t be creative anymore, until we arrive at the wedding venue and everything starts. The thrill has never gone for us, and we’re so grateful for that.

What a your favourite service that you offer and why?

We like documenting the whole thing: capturing the couple, the pre-wedding party, full wedding day, post-wedding party. We like to be involved, to get to know our couples and their families and their closest friends. It feels like a whole unique service for us, personalised for every couple.

What inspires you?

Fashion, art, films. We love visual arts, all of them, and often find that our work is a reflection of this: how editorial we tend to shoot our portraits, how picturesque we like our stills and how much we get inspired by the films we love. We’re often told that our style can be really cinematographic (the best compliment!) and we are always looking into fashion magazines and getting inspired by fashion weeks.

What is your ideal work destination?

Every destination has the potential to be ideal for us. We just need the perfect setup: a happy couple interested in booking us for their wedding and some flights! We’ve been working in Colombia, Canada, USA, Portugal, France, Morocco, Mexico and, of course, every corner of Spain. Next year we’ll have our first wedding in Italy. Just ask us, wherever you’ll getting married!

Who is your dream client?

The enthusiastic ones, always . A couple who appreciates the aesthetic part of this whole thing -the decoration, the clothes, the details-, but also is unashamedly happy to organise a party for themselves, smiling big and tearing up. We love small gatherings with the important people around, but we also like a good big party at the end of the day!

What is your advice to couples getting married?

Have fun! Remember that you’re organising a very special party, one in which you’ll surround yourself with your closest ones - but never forget that that’s what it is: a party to celebrate your love, your relationship and your happiness. It’s sometimes a difficult task, but don’t let anyone stress you about the non important things! Everything will look beautiful even if some decoration is not in its place, the venue will manage to iron out any problem with the seating plans, and you’ll have an amazing time whether it’s rainy or not - believe us, we’ve seen it. Just choose and trust professional vendors whose work you truly like and let yourself enjoy the party, while we do our thing!


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