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JEWELLERS | Ceremony

Classic yet distinct in design; refined and self-aware; Ceremony offers a modern edit of rings for treasuring, signifying, and commemorating love of all kinds. The team is based in Los Angeles, CA where each piece is thoughtfully designed, sourced responsibly, and created locally. You define your own love — Ceremony designs rings to celebrate it.

Tell us about Ceremony?

Ceremony is a collection of rings made for treasuring, signifying, and commemorating love of all kinds. Our collection is designed in Los Angeles by Jess Hannah, and made using only recycled gold and diamonds.

How do you work?

Our collection is available on our site at, where any band or diamond ring with a stone up to 3/4 carat can be purchased directly. For rings with diamonds over 3/4 carat, we offer a concierge program to assist in selecting the perfect stone, and also to accommodate customizations. These personalized appointments start with a one-on-one call to discuss style, stone, and budget. Next, we’ll send samples upon request, or if you’re in LA, we welcome appointments in our studio. Because our rings are all made to order, we’re also able to craft custom pieces and make edits to the styles in our core collection, all of which we discuss in detail with our clients. Once we’ve come up with a perfect fit together, we’ll source several diamond options for the client to choose from. Finally, with stone in hand and an approved design — we create the ring!

What is a favourite product or service that you offer and why?

Being able to work directly and personally with customers has been such a significant part of our brand and continues to be a meaningful experience for both us and our clients. Coincidentally we pivoted our business to offer this service before the pandemic, so bridging the gap between an in-person and digital experience was incredibly seamless and as a result has allowed us to connect directly with us and to feel confident and comfortable with their choices throughout the entire process of selecting and crafting a ring perfectly suited for them.

Who is your dream client?

While we of course always love connecting with clients over a love of timeless design, it always feels like an instant bond when someone finds and resonates first with our ethos, sourcing practice, and mission.

What is your advice to couples selecting a ring?

We consider our position to not tell someone what to do or what to want, but rather to give them options and support them in making a decision perfectly suited for their lifestyle, taste, and vision. Our designs are intended to deliberately avoid trends, that will never go out of style, and that stand the test of time.

What’s next?

We recently launched a pendant, which is the first style in our collection that is not a ring! The Anise Pendant is a substantial yet graceful ornament that features an oval cut diamond — thickly framed in 18K gold and paired with a gold wheat chain. Our company is grounded in the belief that marking a milestone can look however you want it, be it for a wedding or engagement…or any other personal milestone or moment of meaning. Traditions evolve, as has the idea of marriage and relationships. There are no rules! If you want a ring, great — but if you want something else, also great! Overall we’re just excited for the opportunity to continue evolving our brand to symbolize this connection — a destination for a meaningful symbol to commemorate any touchstone, be it a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birth announcement, personal goal, et al.


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