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JEWELLERS | Fewer Finer

New York based Fewer Finer pieces are nearly all hand made and finished locally by highly skilled and passionate people, who specialise in their trade. The diamonds in each piece of jewellery, including the new Bridal Collection, are naturally coloured and conflict free. Fewer Finer only supports ethical and environmental production standards and fair labor practices.

Tell us about your business!

In 2018, I started Fewer Finer with a Signature Collection of pieces that were beautiful, meaningful, and primed for customization. I always believed that fine jewelry should be made just for you – holding your own emotional significance, perfectly fit to your body, and with whatever specifications needed to make each piece of jewelry perfect for you. The emotional significance embedded within jewelry made of precious materials that can be worn at all times is core to Fewer Finer. These jewelry pieces become an integral part of our identity, cherished over time, and collected with intention. My unwavering commitment to exceptional materials and craftsmanship ensures that each piece is made to last, deepening your adoration for it with the passage of time. Today, Fewer Finer is elevating the industry by bringing this sentimental value and quality craftsmanship to every piece of jewelry.

What would you like couples to know about Fewer Finer?

Working with couples to create jewelry that celebrates their love is always a treat for me! I love finding meaningful ways to incorporate sentimentality into jewelry and a couple’s story is always a fun place to start. Working together with us, we will always be thinking about making something that holds meaning and significance for you and we will also always be thinking about making jewelry that is meant to be worn everyday, for years to come.

Where are your stores based?

While the complete Fewer Finer collection can be found online at, we also have an appointment only studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s within this space that I design the majority of our pieces, which are then made in Manhattan's Diamond District by skilled tradespeople who have mastered various elements of the jewelry production process. With a global customer base, we cater to clients worldwide, providing personalized services for custom projects, whether through in-person consultations or remote collaborations.

Tell us about your newest collection!

I’m thrilled to introduce the Fewer Finer Bridal Collection, a collection of five engagement ring designs that celebrate love and commitment with meaningful symbolism. I wanted to offer something for everyone, from those who prefer classic styles to those who like something a little more distinctive. Each ring in this collection is a reflection of our core belief that jewelry should be worn with love and never taken off. We were inspired by metaphors for love, vintage designs and our past clients, who have worked with us to create one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings over the years. I’m excited to share our passion and expertise with you while simplifying the process for finding the perfect ring.

How would you describe your brands style?

Fewer Finer is a fine jewelry brand that embraces casual luxury. Born out of my love for gold and diamonds and the habit of leaving my jewelry on at all times, each piece is thoughtfully designed to be worn everyday. The materials used throughout the collection have been meticulously sourced to achieve the perfect balance of elegance, quality, and comfort.

The name for the brand came before any designs. The mantra “fewer, finer things” is something I think about often and try to live by. I have a strong appreciation for beautifully made goods that enrich our homes, travels, and expressions of self. In jewelry, especially, I’ve always favored gold and diamonds. Each are materials solid enough to withstand the test of time and special for use in marking occasions big and small. Made of 14k gold and natural diamonds, the pieces are made to last and only get more beautiful with time. It is with great excitement and gratitude that I share with you the line of my dreams - small pieces you’ll love and live in.

What is a favorite product or service that you offer and why?

We love creating one of a kind, custom pieces for clients - from engagement rings to redesigning family heirlooms into more wearable everyday pieces, to adding a personalized hand engraving to something in our collection. If you dream it, we can do it. These kinds of pieces, made specifically for you, always come with a story, and that is what ultimately makes jewelry so fun.


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