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Engagement | Rayna + Sam

Rayna and Sam decided to do an engagement shoot with Freda Banks as a way to celebrate their love during the pandemic, as they unfortunately had to cancel their wedding. (Although, in true 2020 style, they even had to postpone their engagement shoot due to the wildfires!)

The couple met in the Summer of 2012 in San Diego. "I remember the first moment I saw him and it was love at first sight. I knew this person was going to be important in my life and I had to get to know him more." It wasn’t until the end of summer, that Sam finally had the courage to ask for Rayna's number. "He texted me several days later saying he didn’t know anyone in Boston and he’d love for me to show him around..." Fast forward a number of years and the couple were both home in San Diego for the holidays. "Sam told me that we were going to one of my favorite restaurants. Beforehand he wanted to stop at an arcade and an opening of an art gallery close by. I didn’t think anything of it because these two things are his most favorite past-time. When we approached the gallery and I turned to my left, I saw my picture up on the wall and the title of the show: “Rememory 2012-2020”. As I scanned the walls, I realized all of the photos and videos were of us throughout our seven years together. I was in disbelief. A playlist he made with a single song from every band we’ve seen together was playing. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him." The couple have been together for over eight years. They are now are getting married in September this year - in Brooklyn, with 45 of their nearest and dearest.

Photography : Freda Banks @fredabankswed | Hair + Makeup : Kristina Curtis @bykristinacurtis | Dress : Lein Studio @lein_studio


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