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Engagement | Eoghan + Henry

Tell us a little about yourselves!

From Eoghan: It’s a cliché, but I fell in love with him when he was on stage. I went to a show in Houston, Texas and it was like a train hit me. People asked me what I thought of the whole show. “It was so special and memorable”, I lied. All I could think was “How do I meet him?” I ran backstage and was introduced by a friend. He was supposed to leave Texas the next day, we both paid a ridiculous change fee to get an extra 2 days together. It’s been 5 years since then, and I’d still pay $250 USD plus tax + a new ticket price to have even 5 more minutes with my future husband. He’s my best friend, the future father of my children … and have you seen the body? I love you Henry Steele. From Henry: I actually saw Eoghan for the first time about a year before I finally worked up the courage to speak to him. I was still in school and he was in the company we now both dance for. The company had come to perform at a festival in our city, and I remember seeing them all rehearsing in our studios. I caught sight of Eoghan almost immediately and from then on I snatched up every opportunity I could to watch the company rehearse and perform. I was completely infatuated and absolutely way too terrified to approach him, but I would always ask my friends who knew him random questions about him, and try and pass it off as regular old curiosity. I never imagined that we would cross paths multiple more times over the years. But I took it as a sign and after one date with him, I remember thinking I had never met a more perfect person for me. I have always thought the whole “I’ve found my best friend” thing to be such a cliché/cop out… but now I really get it.

Why did you decide to have your engagement shoot where you did?

We’ve been working with Travis and Kim from Calen Rose for a few years now through different dance and fashion projects. When they approached us about doing the shoot in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, we connected to the idea of celebrating our love in a quintessentially New York City locale. Soho is home to both incredible modern street style as well as historic cobblestone streets and cast-iron architecture; it’s a perfect modern romance.

Any tips for couples planning a wedding during the pandemic?

We are still very much in the preliminary phase! But our best advice is to take your time and make sure it's not becoming too stressful of a process. Figure out what you want the day to look like overall and start building from there (without getting too wrapped up in the minutiae of which shade of napkins aren’t going to clash with the floral arrangements etc). Stay focused on making the day fun and memorable and the rest becomes easy. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s to slow down and focus on what really matters.

Photographer: Calen Rose @calenrose | Videographer: Miskos Productions #miskosproductions | Styling: Le Petite Prive @lepetiteprive | Suits + Shoes: Ermenegildo Zegna @zegnaofficial | Rings: Glamira @glamira


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