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Earthly Elegance

Inspired by nature, textures and stone, the concept Earthly Elegance was developed. A fusion of crumbling surfaces and rough edges with smooth lines and sculptural design, earthy elements such as stone and mushrooms combined with natural tones give the wedding an elegant lightness.

When the creative team of photographer Claudia Fellino, Two Souls Bridal and Floral Stylist Lale Love combined their vision, it quickly became apparent that they wanted to focus on a few modern details, but keep things minimal and sophisticated. Situated amongst grape vines, the historic Berg Trotte proved to be the perfect setting for this Swiss editorial.

A gown by Zoe Rowan Bridal and jewellery from Ann Perica added a layer of softness to the textural setting. No detail was overlooked for the table settings with personalised touches by Verlettert and vases by Atelier Dies Und Das. Combining shapes, textures and hues, against the stone backdrop was something the team wanted to celebrate, with no detail, including matching cake by A Cake Story, being overlooked.

Concept : Two Souls Bridal @twosouls_bridal @lale_love_ | Floral Styling + Design : Lale Love @lale_love_ | Photograpy : Claudia Fellino @claudiafellino_fotografie | 2nd Photographer : Vanda Scazzari @vandascazzari | Videography : Mastro Sanchez @mastrosanchez | Gown : Zoe Rowan Bridal @zoerowynbridal from Two Souls Bridal | Cake Design : A Cake Story @a_cake_story_ | HMUA : Reslie Mundwiler @magic_touch_by_res | Celebrant : Herz Momente @herzmomente_tanjaherz | Jewellery : Ann Perica @annperica | Stationery + Calligraphy : Verlettert @verlettert | Vases : Atelier Dies Und Das @atelierdiesunddas | Location : Berg Trotte @bergtrotte | Couple : Saray + Janosh @saraysch @janoschsch_


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