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A Sicilian Love

In the heart of Sicily, a unique wedding editorial came to life, drawing inspiration from the dramatic flair of old Italian cinema. The creative force behind this photoshoot, Still Miracle, envisioned a setting that not only embraced modern minimalism but also captured the very soul of Sicily - its textures, its flair and its history.

Every aspect of this shoot was crafted to evoke a sensory journey. The talented team, with their shared vision, brought this ambitious concept to life. The candlelight against the evening light mirrored the magic of Sicilian sunset, famed for its natural beauty.

The lovers union, set against this cinematic landscape, was more than a ceremony; it was a tribute to the timeless romance that Sicily has witnessed over centuries. From the breathtaking floral arrangements by Bloomsfair and Skyflora Design to considered and modern table styling, adding layers of sophistication and depth to this stunning editorial.

Every element, from the flowing silk of the bridal gown to the last flicker of candlelight, played a part in creating a tapestry of emotions, as rich and full of live as Sicily itself.

Photography, Creative Direction + Design: Still Miracle @still_miracle | Coordination + Event Planning: Sparkling Moments Events | Co-Planning: Lana Wedding Planner @lana_wedding_planner, Wema Global, Wedding Sicily @weddingsicily | Florals: Bloomsfair @bloomsfair, Skyflora Design @skyflora_design | Decorations/Furniture: Michelangelo Finocchiaro @michelangelofinocchiaro.flower | Bridal Gown: Wona Concept @wona_concept, Wona NYC | Groom’s Suit: Yarmich Store | Robe: Larca Barcelona @larcabarcelona | Styling: Anna Torno @anna_torno_style | HMUA: Veronika Borovska @vero.visage | Wedding Stationery: Olumis Calligraphy @olumiscalligraphy | Jewellery: Jonida Ripani @jonidaripani | Floral Assistance: Noidue Wedding @noiduewedding


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