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A Sculptural Editorial.

Inspired by the Cubist and Abstract Expressionist works of Alexander Calder and Joan Miró, this talented group of creatives from Toronto, Cananda took a whimsical take on a Bride whom is unafraid to break free from the comfort of tradition.

Calder and Miro's biomorphic shapes, colours and sculpture are attributed in the curation of table top objects, floral design, stationery, garment and accessory. Using a minimalist aesthetic, this sculptural editorial was brought to life with creative direction by Magdalene Kan and photography by Marissa Ho of Coessential along with HMUA Ronnie Tremblay, Paper design by Foliage and Floral design by Hayley O'Byrne.

Creative direction: Magdalene Kan @magzkan

Photography: Marissa Ho of Coessential @marissajoanphoto Paper design: Foliage @foliagepaper  Floral design: Hayley O'Byrne | Carmel Floral @carmelfloral

Objects: Goodroom | Jess Anderson @shopgoodroom  HMUA : Ronnie Tremblay @ronnietremblay

Garment: Kathryn Bowen @kathrynbowen__ Accessories: Ease @everythingisease  Model: Alexandra Zini | Plutino Group @plutinomodels @alexandrazini


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